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May 2024 Odin Mortgage Coaches Polls

The 2024 season is roughly 20 games old, it's time for our first Odin Mortgage Poll set.  Teams are still waking up from hibernation, and starting to stretch their sea legs.

With a base built of the back of the preseason poll ranks - determined by the 2023 USAFL Nationals - a handful of coaches cast their vote for where they think each of the teams sits after a small sample size.

The answer to that question?  Well, not much of a difference from seven months ago.  But there was some movement.

What's On Tap: May 18, 2024

Ah May.  Spring air, warm sun, and for many clubs, well into the 2024 USAFL Season.

The dynamic makeup of the USAFL means that some teams have several games under their belt, perhaps a few metros here and there, and are well into midseason form.  Others are just beginning to stir, beginning or are posed to begin their journey to hopefully raising a trophy or two in Austin come October.

Life Members and Hall of Fame Class of 2022

25th Anniversary Life Member Inductees

Life Membership of the USAFL is a recognition of an individual’s excellent service to football in the USA. It is given for a combination of service beyond normal expectations, tenure and specific skills that has a national component. Life Membership is an Australian tradition of recognition and is included as part of the USAFL Hall of Fame.

On any given year maybe one or two people are awarded Life Membership. To highlight the significance of the 25th Anniversary we recognized six new members.

25th Anniversary Club Heritage Teams

At its very core the USAFL is a club-based organization and the clubs are the lifeblood of the league. We wanted a special way to celebrate the Leagues 25th Anniversary by recognizing those at the Club level that have made a special contribution.

We asked every club to nominate a Club Heritage Member who epitomizes the spirit of their club. Someone that has been instrumental in making your club what it is today. If the club has a men’s and women’s side your club has selected two Heritage members, one representing each team.

What's on Tap: 9/9/23

Cue up the Europe, we're entering the final countdown.

With five weeks until Nationals, the seeding committee's computers are starting to whirr.  Time to dust off the hard drives, I reckon.  And so we come upon the last big weekend of matches of season 2023, though there are still some captivating matchups after this weekend.  A bunch of regional rivarlies are in store, and one big milestone by a pioneer in the women's game.

What's On Tap: June 3rd

June is well and truly bustin’ out all over.

We start to move into the summer months of the year, and the action is invariably hotting up along with the mercury.  We’re now three weekends away from the first ever USAFL Super Regionals in Kansas City, but before that, there are some blockbuster rounds of Aussie Rules ahead of us.

Camps, Tourneys, Rivalries Cap Off Busy May

Photo: Travis Mai

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers brought us four full weekends for Aussie Rules goodness.  As we get set for a monster month of June, which includes a super weekend and the first Super Regionals, here is a look back at what transpired on the footy ovals of North America:

What's On Tap: May 20 2023

The final weekend before Memorial Day is here, and a thrilling month of May concludes with two more tournaments, an two exciting full-game matchups, and preparations for the Parallel Cup from the national women’s team.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on tap for the weekend:

What's On Tap: Mother's Day Round

It's Mother's Day weekend, and on Sunday we'll all celebrate our mums.  But before that, the first of two big weekends before the Memorial Day break will unfold.  Three regional events that should make for a fantastic day out in Richmond, Hamilton, and Los Angeles.

Here's a look at what's on tap:

AFL Canada Cup (women’s)
Saturday/Sunday from 9am EDT – Mohawk Sports Park, Hamilton, ON

What's On Tap: May 6, 2023

As we head into May and more teams start to stir out of their slumber, we have three matches on the docket here featuring some old school rivalries.  Each of the teams here were founded at the end of the 1990s, and continue to write the legendary battles between them.  Our friends in Canada also have a tournament happening in Ottawa as we prepare to welcome our friends from La Belle Province down to Florida for Nationals in October.

St Louis Blues (0-0) vs Kansas City Power (0-2)
1pm CDT - Lydia Buder County Park, Fenton, MO


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