2017 USAFL Regional Series Announced

For the third straight season, the USAFL will travel around the country bringing exciting Australian football action to three American cities.

The 2017 USAFL Regionals series sees the best men’s and women’s teams in the country converge to see who will lift the hardware in a pivotal series of midseason matches.

Last year saw 26 clubs and several hundred players take to grounds across the country, and this year the hope is that more teams and footballers will get involved to help continue to make these among the best events on the USAFL calendar.

2017 USAFL Australia Day Party Listing

Australia Day commemorates the landing of the the first fleet of British ships in Port Jackson Harbour, Sydney, in 1788.  Traditionally celebrated with cricket, barbeques, cold beverages, and the like, the fesitivities will not be limited just to Australia.

Below is a listing of USAFL clubs who will be holding Australia Day events in the week surrounding Australia Day proper (January 26th).  If you don't see your club listed here, check out our team page.

Austin, Texas (Austin Crows)

2016 USAFL National Honor Roll

Following the completion of the 2016 USAFL season, many clubs across the country held year end dinners, banquets, and presentations to recognize the best players and clubpeople in local tradition.  For many, this truly brought down the curtain on this season which began some nine or so months ago (if not earlier), and which will dawn again in some weeks' time.

Top 10 Games of Season 2016

Much like any season, the 2016 USAFL campaign was dotted with great matches with memorable performances and fantastic finishes.

Each weekday, beginning on Monday, November 28th, we’ll count down the top ten matches of the season, in our humble opinion, of those that were filmed by the USAFL and our broadcast partners, including Stateside Footy TV, GoLive SportsCast, and Capitol Community TV.

Women's Association Launches Off-Season Challenge

The USAFL Women's Association is proud to launch an off season challenge to each of the women's teams.

The challenge: Get your players certified in the various USAFL programs listed below and earn a Sherrin football for your club.

Who should participate?
Anyone wanting to better their skills.
Anyone who wants to improve their game strategy. 
Anyone who wants to help their home club get more women's footballs. 

Upcoming Events

May 06 10:00am Houston Lonestars vs Portland Steelheads Houston, Texas
May 06 10:00am 2017 SCAFL Round 1 Riverside, California
May 13 10:00am SCAFL RD2 - Riverside Saints vs Orange County Los Angeles, California
May 20 10:00am SCAFL RD3 - Orange County vs San Diego Lions Irvine, California
May 20 10:00am Stump Town Throw Down 2017 Portland, Oregon
Jun 03 10:00am SCAFL RD4 - San Diego Lions vs South Bay Outlaws San Diego, California
Jun 03 11:00am SCAFL RD4 - Orange County vs Southbeach Sharks San Diego, California
Jun 07 10:00am Seattle Grizzlies Vs Portland Steelheads Seattle, Washington
Jun 10 11:00am SCAFL RD5 - Beachside Sharks vs San Diego Lions Los Angeles, California
Jun 17 10:00am SCAFL RD6 - 3rd Place vs 4th Place Irvine, California
Jun 17 11:00am SCAFL RD6 - 1st Place vs 2nd Place Irvine, California
Jul 08 09:00am Western Regional Tournament 2017 Westminster, Colorado
Jul 29 10:00am Los Angeles Dragons vs Orange County Bombers Los Angeles, California
Jul 29 11:00am Orange County Bombers vs San Diego Lions Los Angeles, California
Jul 29 12:00pm Los Angeles Dragons vs San Diego Lions Los Angeles, California

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