What is the USAFL Hall of Fame?

The USAFL Hall of Fame was launched at the 2007 National Tournament, during the League's 10th Anniversary. The Hall of Fame represents the ultimate recognition of an individuals commitment to the game of Australian Football and the USAFL. The Hall of Fame recognizes an overall contribution to the sport, as opposed to one specific aspect. Length of Service is also an important aspect of induction into the Hall of Fame.

While we are still a young organization it is important for us to create the Hall of Fame and to recognize individuals who have worked tirelessly and have gone above and beyond expectations to ensure the league exist today. Our growth as an infant organization has been tremendous and we need a mechanism to recognize those few individuals that have made the league what it is today.

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Purpose of the Hall of Fame

The USAFL Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those members of the United States Australian  Football community who, by virtue of their contributions, are of such significant stature that they are considered to be among the most highly regarded contributors to the promotion and development of Australian Rules Football in the USA, while residing in the USA. The contributions of those inducted may come from player, coach, umpire, administrator or media backgrounds and must be of lasting value.

The Hall of Fame is a vehicle to inform the general public of the achievements of the USAFL and to provide recognition of the game’s most outstanding individuals. It is also an important means of preserving the most notable aspects of the heritage of Australian Rules Football in the United States.

Selection Criteria for Induction

The committee shall consider a candidate’s outstanding service and overall contribution to the game of Australian Football in determining a candidate’s eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame.

A player, coach, umpire, administrator, or media representative involved at the national Level of United States Australian Football League may be eligible for induction into the USAFL Hall of Fame.

The committee may consider a candidate’s individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character. The number of football games played, coached or umpired or the years of service provided shall contribute a strong component, but is not the only guiding principle. It is recommended that the individual has been involved for ten years within the league to be eligible, though this isn’t mandatory and at the discretion of the committee. In addition, service should be to the USAFL as a national competition. Local teams have their own life memberships and halls of fame and service focused locally at the club level should be recognized by that club, not at the national level.  

Candidates shall be judged on the basis of their overall contribution to Australian football in the USA, as opposed to one specific aspect. The committee shall consider candidates from all parts of the USA and from all Australian football competitions within USA. It is intended that the recipient has lived in the United States during their service to the League

A member of the committee may be a candidate but shall not vote for his or her induction into the Hall of Fame.

There shall be no special order of precedence given to Hall of Fame inductees.


  • The USAFL Executive shall be the USAFL Hall of Fame committee.
  • To reach the Hall of Fame a member must have first reached life membership of the USAFL.
  • This can happen simultaneously.
  • Clubs can nominate members to receive life membership.
  • The committee can nominate persons they think worthy for life membership.
  • The committee will decide nominations for Hall of Fame Inductees.
  • Voting on admission will be by simple majority. Votes can be in person by email from committee members.
Membership of the Hall of Fame is an honor. Members have no voting or nomination rights, nor any special USAFL benefits such as waiving of any registration fees.
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