League Management System Handbook

The USAFL League Management System (LMS) is used to manage matches played by USAFL clubs including scores and players that took part in the match.  With the League Management System...

A club admin can

  1. Submit scores for matches that their club has played
  2. Manage the Roster for a match that their club is playing
  3. Monitor the number of Nationals Eligibility Points that their players have accumulated for the current year
  4. Deactivate players that are no longer playing in the USAFL

A registered USAFL Player can

  1. Pay their yearly USAFL Membership dues
  2. View the history of games they have played

Everyone can

  1. View upcoming and recently played matches.
  2. View details for a match including location, scores, and roster for each team
  3. View match history and nationals eligibility points for any player.
  4. View Club pages including ther upcoming and past matches and roster of active players