Nationals Game Day Process

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  • Clubs are required to submit rosters for each match they are competing no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the match
  • The players and borrowed players (if a combo team) for match #1 will be automatically created from the Nationals Roster for the team(s) competing in the match
  • A club admin will need to manage the roster and submit the jersey numbers for each player
    • all players need a jersey number if any of them have one.  Use 999 as a placeholder if you want to partially fill out jumper numbers
  • For game #2, when you manage your roster, it will initialize the players and jersey numbers from the previous match
    • Hold off managing a roster for game #2 until game #1 is finalized or you will need to enter jumper numbers again
    • Remove players not playing in this match
    • Add players being added to this match
  • Repeat for 3rd and any subsequent games your team is playing in (including  semi-finals and finals).
  • For each game, click on the check mark to verify the roster.  This will highlight any players ineligible to compete in the match.

For Sunday games where the participants are not determined until results of previous matches are determined, don't submit rosters until the league has announced that the schedule is finalized.

Please refer to tournament rules for more information regarding nationals rules and policies.


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