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2021 USAFL Membership

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Given the ongoing challenges, the USAFL has decided to adopt a pay to play registration model for the 2021 season. Returning players will notice a decrease in the USAFL Registration Fee. This constitutes a base registration fee for all players that allows a player to train, practice and play any club matches throughout the country. Additional Tournament Fees are required for USAFL hosted events and can be added anytime during the year once a player has been registered. Registration for tournaments will be added during 2021 when they have been confirmed.

The approach specific for 2021 is outlined below:
  • Player Registration set at $25 per player. This will cover insurance for field rentals, league development and administration costs.
  • Upon completing registration, you will begin earning Nationals Tournament Eligibility Points for metro and USAFL games played. *Given the ongoing challenges with COVID-19, the USAFL Board will continue to work with clubs to determine appropriate modifications to Nationals Tournament Eligibility Points. See Important Registration & Eligibility Information for Players and Clubs link below for full details.
  • The USAFL does not expect traditional Regionals to be held in 2021. More likely are Sub-Regional tournaments.
  • The USAFL will not open-up Sub-Regional tournament registration until each tournament is on the calendar. The intent is that each Sub-Regional will be a break-even proposition.
    • Sub-Regional fee preliminary set at $25. This will be confirmed once tournament locations and costs are determined.
    • There may be different fees for each Sub-Regional since each event could be a vastly different format.
  • Nationals Tournament Fee is preliminary set at $100 and will be confirmed once all details have been set. We will wait to confirm the amount until the scope of the tournament and approximate player numbers are known.

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Player Registration for Returning & New Members

To register as a USAFL player, please follow these instructions:

1. If you are a RETURNING MEMBER, login to your existing account. If you have forgotten your username or password, click here. If you have changed your email account or need help logging in you can contact the USAFL Office here »

2. If you are a NEW MEMBER, you will need to create an account.

3. Complete or update your 'Contact Details'.

4. Complete or update your 'Profile Details'.

5. Complete the Code of Conduct, Player Waivers, Covid-19 and Anti-Harassment Waiver for the current year at the bottom of the profile page.

6. Complete Payment by clicking 'Pay My Dues'. Payment is processed via PayPal and can be paid with a credit/debit card by selecting that option. A PayPal account is not required.

NOTE: Clubs who are paying for players in bulk can only pay for those players who have completed steps 1 through 5.

Special Offers for 2021 USAFL Members

Joining the USAFL helps support the continued growth of the sport in the US. Your membership helps the league continue to introduce the sport to new people, develop infrastructure, expand events, recruit and train umpires and coaches, offer player development clinics and resources, support men's and women's national teams and much more.

A USAFL membership also comes with exclusive offers from our sponsors and partners. Once you complete your registration, login to your profile to access these offers.

AIRFeet Insoles To Support the USAFL

The USAFL is pleased to announce a sponsorship agreement has been reached with AIRFeet Insoles. As part of the deal, USAFL players will receive a 25% discount on any qualifying purchase. In addition to supporting the league AIRFeet will also provide insoles to USAFL Umpire Association Umpires at no charge.

AIRfeet Insoles are DYNAMIC in design and engineered for the Balanced Athlete, providing you with a massive dose of therapeutic muscle and circulatory stimulation from your lower back, through your legs and into your feet. 


Register by April 14 for a chance to win 1 of 3 WatchAFL 12 month subscriptions.

All players registered by April 14 will be entered in a random draw. Winners will be notified via email.

Buddy Insurance


Protecting USAFL Players From The Unexpected Cost Of An Injury

On-demand Accident Insurance starting at $9 for a day for as few or as many days as you need coverage. That means only $9 for a USAFL game or $18 for a tournament.

Protect yourself and support your club. Buddy is offering USAFL players an affordable accident insurance option and you can also support your club while doing it. How it works - Sign up for coverage for a USAFL game, tournament or other activity via Then at the end of the season your club will receive a rebate check for a percentage of all policies you and your teammates purchase throughout the season.

To access the offer, visit the Offers page after completing your USAFL registration.


No. The insurance offered by Buddy is not health insurance and is not recommended as an alternative to health insurance. This is accident insurance which provides limited benefits. Limited benefit plans are insurance products with reduced benefits intended to supplement comprehensive health insurance plans. This insurance is not an alternative to comprehensive coverage. It does not provide major medical or comprehensive medical coverage and is not designed to replace major medical insurance. Further, this insurance is not minimum essential coverage as set forth under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

If you have any additional questions visit Buddy's FAQ page at: or contact them directly at or 833.462.8339 for coverage or insurance related questions.

Play Aussie Bulk Orders

Play Aussie offers up to 50% discounts for USAFL clubs when ordering footballs in bulk.  Simply ask your club to contact us and they can combine your buy with theirs. We can also put your logo on Sherrin footballs with a club bulk buy at very affordable prices,

See us at several regional events and at Nationals where you can save on shipping by buying from our mobile store.


Impact Mouthguards

Current USAFL members are eligible for a 30% discount on orders from Impact Mouthguards.

To access the savings login to your visit the offers page after completing your USAFL registration.

Treats From Oz

Current USAFL members are eligible for a 10% discount on orders from Treats From Oz.

To access the savings login to your visit the offers page after completing your USAFL registration.

Zena Sport

Zena Sport

Current USAFL members are eligible for a 15% discount on orders from Zena Sport.

The Zena Z1 has been specifically designed for females who play contact sport. Extremely lightweight, the vest protects from impact & provides the ultimate confidence on field.

To access the savings, visit the Offers page after completing your USAFL registration.


Now through May 31 USAFL members are eligible for a 25% discount (15% thereafter for remainder of 2021 season) on orders from Bausele on watches and accessories.
To access the savings visit the Offers page after completing your USAFL registration.


Current USAFL members are eligible for a 25% discount on orders from Coopers DIY Beer.

To access the savings login to your visit the offers page after completing your USAFL registration.

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