Player Registration

USAFL Foundation

2021 USAFL Membership Will Open in March


New Player Registration & Nationals Eligibility Rules

To register as a USAFL player, please follow these instructions:

  1. Login under your existing account or create a new one if this is your first time registering with the USAFL.
  2. If you have forgotten your username or password, click here. If you have changed your email account or need help logging in you can contact the USAFL Operations Manager here »
  3. Complete or update your 'Contact Details'.
  4. Complete or update your 'Profile Details'.
  5. Complete the Code of Conduct, Player Waivers, Covid-19 and Anti-Harassment Waiver for the current year at the bottom of the profile page.

Important Information for Players and Clubs:

  • Clubs who are paying for players in bulk can only pay for those players who have completed steps 1 through 4.
  • All players must be registered and paid to receive game points towards Nationals eligibility.
  • Players must be registered and paid within one week of a game to earn nationals eligibility points for that game.
  • Players earn 2 points for each USAFL game played in and 1 point for each metro game. Players can only accrue a maximum of 2 points per calendar week, defined as Monday - Sunday. Players can only accrue a maximum of 2 points via metro games.
  • Players must earn a minimum of 6 points playing for their club to be eligible to play for that club at Nationals.
  • A USAFL game is played between teams from two different clubs.
  • A Metro game is played between teams from the same club.
  • A person who was on the sideline for the entire game has not played in the game. You must be on the field during the course of play to have played in the game.
  • The deadline for scores and player rosters to be uploaded to the League Management System (LMS) is by midnight Central time one week from the date the match (USAFL or metro) was played. Teams will not be allowed to enter scores or rosters after this time and players will not receive their Nationals eligibility points if rosters have not been entered. This rule will be strictly enforced - no exceptions.
  • Teams are strongly encouraged to upload photos of both teams that were together either immediately before or after the game.

First Year Australians:

  • First year Australian players:
    • Must accumulate 6 points
    • Must show US/Canada residency or entry into the US/Canada by or before August 1st (via I-94 Arrival/Departure Record)
    • Must register and pay USAFL dues by or before August 1st.

Exemptions At National Championships:

  • Each club will receive 3 free exemptions per men's teams and 5 free exemptions per women's teams to use at their discretion. Additional exemptions will be charged $100 per person. The application whether free or paid, does not guarantee that the exemption will be granted.
  • US Nationals will get First Year Player as a separate exemption.
  • The need for exemption fees is in response to the high number of exemption applications over the past several seasons.
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