Start a Club

So you're in a city that doesn't have any Footy? No worries, there are footy players out there, they just don't know it yet!

First things first..

  1. Ask around. Talk to the USAFL, your mates, anyone.. do a bit of networking to find out if there is anyone known out there that shares your passion to help you start your club.
  2. Create a buzz and attract some attention! Get onto Facebook, Twitter, Sportsvite or other social network sites. Create a presence for your new club online and start searching for other Footy Fans in your area. All these networking sites allow you to do this. Look for other places to advertise for free. These could include:
    • a local college campus
    • community center
    • bars and pubs
    • your apartment complex
    • other local sporting hangouts
  3. Once you find the best places to attract interest, set a date and hold an event. The event could be a social night at a bar or venue where you have access to a television and can show some footy. You could also just arrange a kick in the park.
  4. Now you can start to grow! With your new found mates, why not hold recruitment pub-crawl or attend a local event which might attract like-minded sports fans. Once you have a core group of members, you can start to get organized. You will need to:
    • Equip yourselves with footballs, goal posts, jumpers and other equipment;
    • Contact the USAFL League Administrator;
    • Work with the USAFL for name, logo and uniform approval;
    • Review USAFL Organization Documents & Sign the USAFL Constitution;
    • Arrange for liability insurance with the USAFL;
    • Pay applicable USAFL Club Fees (free for first year);
    • Book fields with your local Parks and Recreation office if you wish to hold games;
    • Set yourself up with a website, facebook account or other tools to make yourselves knows;
    • Recruit, recruit, recruit!
  5. Once you have players and a field, you will need a bit of equipment. The USAFL Footy Store can provide you with everything you need for playing.

It can take up to a while to gather enough members to start playing a game, but stick with it, your new club is out there and waiting!

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