Aug 16, 2018

Road to 2020: Freedom Hold Camp in Denver

The year 2020 sounds like something out of sci-fi movie.  Like a time where we’ll have interstellar space travel or something of that ilk.

But in fact, it is only two years away.  And before you know it, 2020 will be here, and so too will the seventh iteration of the AFL International Cup.

Between now and then, the USA Freedom women’s national team has a lot of work to do to improve upon their 4th place finish last year, and to make it to the Grand Final for the first time in the program’s history.

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Aug 13, 2018

Freedom In Search Of New Head Coach

The USAFL is embarking on a search for a new head coach to lead the US Freedom to the Women's International Cup in 2020. 

USAFL is the recognized representative organization of Australian Football in the USA and is seeking to fill the Head Coaching position for the United States Freedom & United States Liberty, the women's national representative teams. Applications are due September 7, 2018.

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Aug 5, 2018

Roos Rule, Portland Does Double At Westerns

It’s a true as anything else in Aussie Rules; every team comes into every game and every tournament with something to prove.

With many teams, it’s about being the best.  With others, it’s showing how far you’ve come with new players, or with a new team altogether.

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Aug 3, 2018

Roos, Crows 1-2, Chaos at Bottom of July Poll

The summer of 2018 has been an utterly hot one.  Anyone who was part of the travelling road show that was the USAFL Regional Championship Series can tell you that.  Even in Philadelphia, where the Eastern Regional was played under pewter grey skies and the occasional downpour, it was like playing in a sauna.  Funny how that works.

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Jul 27, 2018

Hot As Sherrins - Previewing the USAFL Western Regionals

The last time the USAFL Western Regionals was in Sacramento, the high temperature reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees C); by noon, we could’ve had our own sausage sizzles in the parking lot.  Literally.

Topping out at around 100 degrees again, Sacramento, or rather the western suburb of Davis, welcomes in a dozen footballing entities from up and down the Pacific Coast.  The weather may be hot, but the footy will be hotter.  The longest running Regional Championships has always produced thrilling games and even better footy, and this weekend looks to be no exception.

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Jul 25, 2018

Export Report: Scherer Tearing Up QWAFL

Katrina Scherer (Columbus Cats) – Bond University (QWAFL)

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Jul 19, 2018

Crows, Lady Bulldogs, River Rats Outlast Temps in Nashville

Footy in the US is a summer sport.  It's a complete 180 from the climate in Australia, where it is dead in the middle of their winter and that's where the game thrives.

That's why footy in the US is a completely different beast, and last Saturday in Nashville, the winners were those who could get handle not just the teams in front of them, but the neigh-triple digit temps that greeted them at Metro Soccer Complex.  With planes landing at Nashville International behind them, 13 teams from the breadth and width of the midwest came in search of a cup.

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Jul 18, 2018

Revos Name Squad for Irish Tour

As the clock ticks towards the 2020 AFL International Cup, coach Tom Ellis is taking the USA Revolution men’s National team overseas to stretch its legs.

The Revos will head to Ireland this month for three matches, two of them against the Irish Warriors in Dublin, sandwiched around a midweek trek to Belfast to take on the Belfast Redbacks Football Club.

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Jul 13, 2018

Smash and Nash: Previewing the Central Regionals

They say that Boston is the hub of New England, such that all roads seem to lead there.   Tennessee, it might be argued, is the hub of the south.  No fewer than seven states border her, and smack dab (nearly) in the middle is the city of Nashville.

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Jul 10, 2018

LA's Murphy Flying High with West Perth

Sam Murphy’s journey from American football walk-on to state league Aussie footballer has been a fun and eventful odyssey. The ruckman from the Los Angeles Dragons made his debut two weeks ago for the West Perth Falcons in the WAFL, becoming the latest American to thrive in local footy.

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Jun 29, 2018

Eastern Regional Championships Recap

The forecast called for thunder and lightning, very very frightening.

There was rain, and mist, but there was no physical lightning.  But there was a change of the guard across all three contested divisions at the Eastern Regional Championships in suburban Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Hawks and Columbus Cats won their first ever men’s regional championships, while the Boston, Baltimore, and DC Eagles ladies combined to lift their first ever trophy on the women’s side.

Photography Credit: Tim Koen Photography

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Jun 26, 2018

Revos to Make Summer Tour of Ireland

The USA Revolution is Proud to announce they will be traveling to Dublin Ireland July 28-August 5th 2018. 

The Revolution will take a squad mostly consisting of developmental players. Most of this squad barely missed out on making the Revolution team that placed 4th in last year’s International Cup. They are all eager to show the USA that they are deserving and will look to make an impression leading up to the next cup in 2020.

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