Come Have a Kick

Australian Rules Football is a fast, exciting, and fun sport to play. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience level or age. We will teach you all you need to know. Don’t worry, we have all been in your shoes!

Aussie Rules football (aka footy) offers you the ability to combine the best of the ball sports into one incredibly fast paced and high scoring game. We run, we jump, we kick, we catch, we compete, we socialize! Whether you are looking to learn a new sport, improve your fitness, meet new people, or join a community, Aussie Rules Football is unlike any other sport or community in the world, and there is a place for every type of person on the field and in our clubs.

Find a club near you and come have a kick!

Arizona Lady Hawks Los Angeles Dragons
Atlanta Kookaburras Minnesota Freeze
Austin Crows
Baltimore Dockers New York Magpies
Boston Lady Demons North Star Blue Ox (Minneapolis)
Centennial Tigers Philadelphia Lady Hawks
Columbus Jillaroos Portland Sockeyes
DC Eagles Sacramento Lady Suns
Denver Lady Bulldogs San Francisco Iron Maidens
Des Moines Lady Dippers Seattle Grizzlies Women
Houston Lonestar Women Wisconsin Wombats

Come Have a Kick

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