The development of players in the United States is of paramount importance as the league continues to expand. The development of coaches is and will be of greater importance to ensure we have the most qualified personnel available to guide the next generation of American Footy Players.

This section of the USAFL website is designed to provide American-based coaches and players with a window to best practice Australian Football coaching resources.

Coaches within the USAFL community give up their time and out of pocket expenses to coach their teams. Because this is a voluntary role, many coaches are not experienced to the basic level that is desired. Accreditation, while available, is often difficult for these volunteers to attain. The USAFL Coaches Association hopes to offer an accreditation process to our coaches starting in 2014. This will not only benefit the coaches, but the league as a whole. Your donation will help to facilitate the education of our coaches. Donations for coaching development will help facilitate these accreditation classes.  All donations are tax deductible!

Dave Johnson, Level 3 Coach and Chief Footy Researcher & Writer on, experienced coaching in the USA first hand at the 2008 USAFL National Tournament in Colorado Springs  and wrote the following articles.

Quotes from AFL Coaches:

“Development is the No. 1 word in coaching”
Mick Malthouse, Coach of the Carlton Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

“You are the biggest influence on your players, team and football department, so carry yourself accordingly”
Ross Lyon, Coach of the Freemantle Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

“As a coach, you have got a vital teaching role with players and should utlize verbal, written and practical teaching methods.”
Dean Bailey, Former Coach of the Melbourne Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

“Start developing your own coaching philosophies as soon as possible, building your knowledge from as many sources as possible.”
Michael Voss, Former Coach of the Brisbane Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

“The position of a senior coach can be a lonely one, so make sure you have trusted people inside and outside the club you can turn to for advice.”
Alastair Clarkson, Coach of the Hawthorn Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

“Ensure you’ve done all you can to help your team perform at its best.”
Matthew Knights, Former Coach of the Essendon Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

“The proof of the program will be in consistent results”
Neil Craig, Former Coach of the Adelaide Football Club, in Coaches on Coaching

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