The role of a coach is critical to the development and growth of Australian Football in the United States. The USAFL aims to bring together a number of resources to assist experienced and developing coaches including from the AFL governing body, USAFL Coaches Association and other AFL training and learning platforms.

The USAFL Coaches Association (CA) is a critical function that was reestablished in 2019 and aims to bring focus to the importance of the role Club & National Coaches hold within the USAFL, providing coaches with support and access to current coaching and training resources, accreditation, safety and behavior standards and AFL coaching community engagement.

Make sure to register the details of your Head Coach - mens & womens - each year via the Club Contacts form sent by the Executive Director or contact your RVP.

USAFL Coaches Association Objectives

  • Develop the standards for coaching in the USAFL including accreditation, safety and conduct
  • Establish the profile of the coaching role as one of the most important roles in a club and a role interested candidates should aspire to
  • Establish a forum for all USAFL current and aspiring coaches to learn and share ideas, experience, and resources (including experienced coaches in the USA and Australia)
  • Connect and expose club coaches to the US National Coaches to help identify and support National talent at clubs and visibility of the National team pathway for players
  • All USAFL official club coaches are members of the USAFL Coaches Association

USAFL Coaching Accreditation

Coach Accreditation is available through www.Coach.AFL

  • Foundation Coaching course is FREE from the AFL again in 2023
  • Foundation Course has 3 components and takes 90 minutes total
  • Register for CoachAFL (or renew if registered in previous years)
  • Must be renewed each year to be valid

Level 2 Coaching Accreditation is undergoing a trial program in 2023 with 9 USAFL Coaches. For more information or if interested contact CA Portfolio lead:

USAFL Accreditation Expectations in 2023:

  • All club head coaches to complete/renew Foundation Coach Course and submit the accreditation certificate to your RVP or CA Portfolio lead:

USAFL Concussion Accreditation:

USAFL Coaches Association Forum

All USAFL coaches have access to the USAFL CA forum which will consist of a regular zoom meeting (45min - 1hr, every ~6 weeks) 

  • Includes access to special guest presenters covering relevant coaching related topics 
  • Provides the opportunity for coaches to share experiences and knowledge in an open discussion forum 
  • Previous speakers include:
    • Mathew Pell, Sports Scientist at Catapult Sports (10+yrs in the AFL as S&C coach)
    • Heath Jamieson, highly successful Victorian Amateur football coach
    • Paul Roos, AFL Player and premiership coach, 1st US Revolution coach
    • Steve Nash, NBA Star player and coach, BLOCK Training App
    • James Kelly & Nigel Lappin, Assistant Coaches, Geelong Cats FC

USAFL Coach Recognition

An annual award for USAFL club coaches will be awarded at Nationals. USAFL Coaches Association Coach of the year (Men's & Women’s). Voted on by USAFL CA Lead & USAFL Board to recognize coaches that are actively developing their coaching capability and demonstrating the importance of the coaching role.

2023 Awards:

  • Men: Erik Hanson, North Carolina Tigers
  • Women: Mark Fischer, Minnesota Freeze

2022 Awards:

  • Men: Andrew Donlen, Seattle Grizzles
  • Women: Mark Fischer, Minnesota Freeze

2021 Awards:

  • Men: Adam Shanks, OC Giants
  • Women: Lucas Johnson, DC Eagles
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