Policies & Regulations

Alcohol Policy

All clubs are required agree to and abide by to the USAFL's Alcohol Policy below. This policy pertains to alcohol consumption at all National Tournament venues including fields and parking lots:

The USAFL annually obtains a local liquor permit for the national tournament weekend at the field location commonly known as the “beer garden”. To obtain the permit, the league must abide by specific state and local laws such as maintaining a designated area for consumption, and hiring a staff that is certified in alcohol serving standards. Should violations occur regarding alcohol, the league will be barred from obtaining a future liquor license. It takes only one incident. Bottom line, this is a privilege that can be taken away forever and impact the enjoyment of the weekend for all.

Alcohol rules at Nationals:

  1. Must be 21 years of age and comply with all state and local liquor laws;
  2. Consumption must occur within designated area;
  3. No outside alcohol may be bought onto the tournament grounds.

If registered players are consuming alcohol outside of the designated area at the field venue, the following actions may occur:

  1. Said player/s will be handed over to local law enforcement;
  2. Evidence of any liquor violation will be passed by the USAFL to local law enforcement;
  3. Said player/s will be sent to tribunal and penalized up to permanent loss of USAFL membership;
  4. If the said player/s are registered players of a USAFL affiliated Club, the Club of said player/s will be subject to tribunal, including a financial penalty up to $1000 by the USAFL.