Countdown to Austin...


2011 USAFL Nationals

With only a few weeks left until Nationals, are you ready? We have a couple of reminders for all clubs and participants:

  1. Nationals club registrations were due August 5, if you have not submitted your club's registration, please do so immediately.  The registration form can be completed online here >
  2. Player exemption requests are due September 30 and need to be submitted for each player seeking exemption to the 3 point eligibility rule.  The exemption form can be found online here >
  3. Game Tracker for player eligibility is due September 30.  Dowload a copy of the spreadsheet here (note. there is an example and a live sheet in this document for your use). Please complete and return to Doren James at
  4. Team Sheets are due September 30.  Download a copy here >  Please complete and return to  Doren James at
  5. Coaches are to complete the coaches code of conduct prior to Nationals.  The form can be completed online here >
  6. Player registration will run much smoother if all players are registered and paid prior to coming to Austin. If you have not already done so please complete your player registration immediately at player registration