Executive Board

Seb Aguiari, President
2018 to 2022


A member of the USAFL since 2004, Seb first got his introduction to Australian Football through a Golden Gate Roos teammate with whom he played with in a local American Football league. 

Over 17 years Seb has been a proud player with the Golden Gate Roos, Dallas Magpies, Orange County Bombers, Portland Steelheads and Orange County Giants, competing in 100+ games and 12 National Championships. Even though he retired in 2018, he cannot resist pulling on the boots for his beloved Giants every now and then.

One of Seb’s proudest USAFL moments was coaching the Portland Sockeyes...

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David Bryant, Vice President Central
2018 to 2022


Originally from Geelong, Australia, Dave is from a dedicated Essendon Bombers and local GFL club St.Joeys football family.  He has played Australian Football on 3 continents over the past 30 years including St.Josephs FC, Geelong; Flinders Park FC, Adelaide; West London Wildcats FC, London and the last 10 at the Houston Lonestars FC.

Dave’s football club administration experience includes serving on the Committee of the West London Wildcats 2002-2003 and President of Houston Lonestars 2014-2017. He has also held various other Board positions at the Lonestars including Football...

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Christina Sobral, Vice President, East
2021 to 2022


Known to most as CC, Christina joined the DC Eagles in 2018 and has loved the sport ever since. 

CC has most recently served, and continues to serve, as the DC Eagles Women’s Vice President. 

She has held numerous administrative positions within the sport leagues she plays in, including being the head commissioner of a softball league for several years. 

In her first year on the USAFL Executive Board, CC is excited to help with team development with a focus on growing the women's game in the US.

Makenzie Adamo, Vice President, West
2021 to 2022


Mak was introduced to the USAFL by Sun's veteran, Helen Mondia-Harvey, one of the early female USAFL footballers.  She originally recruited Mak for the co-ed tag league, but once she had a taste of tackling, she was hooked!

Mak quickly found her spot in defense and has played for the USA Liberty at the 2015 Parallel Cup (Florida) & the 2017 International Cup (Australia). She played for the USA Women's team at the first International match against the Bogota Bulldogs in Colombia (2019). While in Colombia, she served alongside USAFL UA Laurie Rupe on a panel discussion with the...

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Nana Coleman, Member at Large
2021 to 2022


Nana has been involved with the USAFL since 2015 when he joined the Des Moines Roosters after looking to get back into team sports. 

Nana has been on the Des Moines Roosters board for four of his six years with the club in various roles including VP, Treasurer and the last two years as President.  He has been a key organiser of the popular 80/35 tournament held in Des Moines every May providing tournament football to mid-west teams.

Nana was a member of the USAFL’s Development Committee in 2018.

Nana has come onto the Executive Board in 2021 looking to help the league...

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Lauren Skonieczny, Secretary


Also known as Schnitzel, Lauren has been involved in the USAFL since 2015 when she joined the New York Magpies. In 2019, Lauren relocated to Portland, OR and joined the Portland Sockeyes. In 2017, Lauren represented the USA Liberty on their Australian tour. 

Lauren is currently the Secretary for the Portland Steelheads Australian Football Club and Assistant Coach for the Sockeyes.

Lauren served on the USAFL Women's Association Board in 2018 & 2019  before being elected to the USAFL Executive Board as VP West for the 2020 season. This year she has stepped into the...

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Heath Moore, Treasurer
2021 to 2022


Heath has been playing Aussie Rules since stumbling on two guys casually kicking a footy in an Atlanta park in 2000. 

Since then, he’s played approximately 100+ USAFL matches with the Atlanta Kookaburras (2000-2003), Milwaukee Bombers (2004-2016) and Wisconsin Wombats (2017-present). Heath has also made 16 Nationals appearances with the USA Revolution.

Heath has held numerous administrative positions at his various USAFL clubs as well as a number of Gaelic Athletic Association clubs. 

Heath lives in Madison, WI where he works for a well-known financial services firm....

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