Redeeming Prepaid Registration Vouchers

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The USAFL initiated a pilot program in 2013 to allow clubs to pre-purchase registrations that can be redeemed later in the year when registrations increase in cost.  Pre-purchased registrations have some restrictions

  • Must be redeemed before Oct 1, 2013
  • Non-refundable (unused prepaid registrations will not be refunded)
  • Non-transferrable.  Once used, a prepaid registration may not be transferred to another player.  Unused registrations may not be ransferred to another club

Reedeming Pre-purchased Registrations

The person who purchased a pre-paid registrations will receive a code via email.  To redeem a prepaid registration the holder of the pre-paid registrations must

  • Go to "Club Admin" on
  • Add a player to your cart
  • Proceed to cart
  • Type in your coupon code and apply it
  • Verify that your cart total is now $0.
  • Proceed  to checkout
  • Fill in shipping info (required even though we aren't shipping anything)
  • Verify that the only payment option is "Free Order"
  • Checkout
  • Go back to club admin and verify that the player is now  paid (green check mark)
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