Match Details

Each match in the USAFL will have a match details page.  This is accessible from a club's roster, a player's match history, upcoming events, or match scores.

The match details page includes the date/time, teams involved and final scores.  If supplied the page will also display quarter by quarter scores, goal kickers, best players, etc.

Each team also displays a roster of the players that participated in the page.  Each entry in the roster is the player's name linked to their match history and icon representating their status:

  • No icon - player is registered and has paid their USAFL dues for the current year.
  • Exclamation mark - player is registered but hasn't paid their USAFL dues.  They will not receive eligibility points for this match
  • minus sign - player is not a registered player
  • club logo - player was borrowed from another club.  If they were borrowed from your opponent in this match, they will receive eligibility points as if they were playing for their own club

The USAFL recognizes that getting new players into a game is a major mechanism of getting them to commit to your club and footy.  Therefore the LMS allows a grace period for a player to register and/or pay their dues and earn eligibility points.  This grace period is through the Friday following the match.

If a player is registered and unpaid, you don't have to do anything.  If they are initially entered as an unregistered player and subsequently register (even without paying), you will need to update your roster for the match. 

Under the roster for each team is

  • Link to the team sheet if the the club has uploaded one
  • Link to manage the roster if the user has permission to manage the roster.