Nationals Preparation

In order to compete at the annual USAFL Nationals Tournament, each club must register their intent to compete and manage a couple of administrative processes

  • Player eligibility exemption requests -- if you have a player that has not earned the required eligibility exemption requests you will need to submit an exemption request for them.  
  • Nationals roster -- in order to properly seed teams and manage any issues, all clubs are required to submit a nationals roster for all divisions  they will have players competing in.  Even if you only have one player in a division as a combo for another team they must be named on a nationals roster.

At nationals, all players are required to check in either online or in person at the Friday evening function or at tournament central.  In order to check in a player must

  • Be a registered player (paid USAFL dues) for the current season
  • Earned a minimum of 6 Nationals Eligibility Points throughout the season or have an eligibility exemption request that has been granted.

To use the online check in system, the player must have met the above and

  • has declared as a National and previously verified their nationality at a previous nationals or has been granted a Nationality Exemption.
  • has declared as a Non-national.

Please note, this means that first year players cannot use on-line checkin and must present passport or photo ID and birth certificate at the Friday evening function or at Tournament central prior to their first game.  Checking in on Friday evening is preferred as lines can be long early Saturday morning and its not unheard of having technical difficulties at the fields.

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