Fee Schedule

  • Go to Store Adminstration -> Products and update the prices for each registration type.
  • For products where the fees vary based on date (Player Registration) update the fee schedule with the effective date and price.  You only need the ones that vary from the base price.  For example, if base price is $50 you don't need to set Jan 1 and $50 in the schedule.  Just put the date and price of the first increase.  Make sure Custom Price Calculation has the following php code:
    usafl_effective_price($item, $node);
  • For Paid Player and Paid non-player, go to the Features tab and modify the role expiration to expire on the current calendar year.

Prepaid Registrations

  • After the period that prepaid registrations can be purchased is over, create coupons for each club by going to Store Administration -> Coupons -> Add new coupon
  • Set the the title to Purchaser: N Prepaid Coupons (e.g. Brandon Blankenship: 5 Prepaid Coupons)
  • Give it a meaningful code such as PREPAID_<PURCHASER> or PREPAID_<CLUB>
  • Set the amount to the current player registration price (e.g. $75 for July 1, 2013).  NOTE: This needs to be manually adjusted for each coupon when the prices change. 
  • Restrict the coupon dates as appropriate (Jan 1 to Sep 30 in 2013 since the coupons expire on Oct 1)
  • Set the maximum number of redemptions per code and per user to the number of prepaid coupons the club purchased. 
  • Under application products, enable the coupon for
    Bulk Player Registration Payment [nid:2655]
  • Under User Restrictions, add the purchaser and optionally other club admins for their club


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