Club Admin - Deactivating Players

Club admins can manage which registered persons are active players with your club:

  1. Go to the "Players: Register Here" page.
  2. Click on "Club admin"
  3. If you are Activating previously retired players, use the Status filter at the top of the page to display Retired players.
  4. Use the "Status" column to change players from Active to Retired or from Retired to Active.

The changes to a players status are updated as soon as the change is made.  There is no separate "Save" operation. 

Deactivating players provides many benefits

  1. Simplifies roster management since they are not listed in your available players.
  2. Simplifies your club roster on your club portal page.
  3. Speeds up nationals check by only presenting active players
  4. Simplifies your club admin page by only displaying active players by default.
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