Club Portal Page

In the USAFL, a club is the entity that belongs to the USAFL, has signed the USAFL Constitution, and pays yearly club dues.  Each club has one or more teams.  If a club has metro teams, a reserves team, or a women's team they will have multiple teams.

The list of active USAFL clubs is at findateam (the Find a Team item in the left menu)

On this page, you can view details for any club by clicking on its logo.  If you accidentally click on one of its teams, the team page will contain a link back to the club page.

In the club portal page, there will be information about the club including their location and contact information.  The main page will also display their schedule for the current year. 

The schedule includes the date, the match description, scores, and a link to manage the roster (if authorized).  If any upcoming matches are missing, please contact us.  Additionally, all matches need to be entered into the system including metro matches.  Players will not earn nationals eligibility points unless the match exists in the LMS.

The match description is a link to the match details page.  If the user viewing the page is logged in and is a designated club admin, they will have a link to manage the roster for either the home or away  team as appropriate.

You may enter your rosters before a match but you must finalize it. If the match was played on a Saturday you have until the following Friday!

The club page also contains tabs for Results and a Roster of active players. 

The Results tab lists all matches that have been played, group by the year.  If you notice any historical matches without scores, please email and we'll update them.

The Roster tab lists all of the club's active players.  Each player listed is linked to their match history.   If you notice duplicate entries, please contact the webmaster here coalesce their accounts into a single entry.  If you have players that are no longer playing in the USAFL, you may use clubadmin to change their status.

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