Hall of Fame

Steve Arnott, 2019

Steve has been one of the premier umpires in the league despite coming from Sydney.  Steve started umpiring in 1999. In those early days his city, St Paul, Minnesota, did not have a team so he traveled extensively to umpire. He served as the first Umpires Coordinator and then as the Umpires Coach for 5 years. He has been critical in building the fraternity of umpires – as he is often quoted the “esprit de corps” of umpires.

Kathryn Hogg, 2015

Kathryn (Kat) was born in Adelaide, Australia to non-Australian parents but grew up in the USA after living in 4 countries before the age of 7.  She was first introduced to footy when ESPN launched in 1980 and was a founding member of the Minnesota Freeze in 2004.

She was the leading driver behind the current day women's competition in the USAFL and was responsible for making the women's division a part of the USAFL Nationals.

Kat has represented the USA Freedom at all events throught the 2011 International Cup and has played more than 100 games in her footy career.  In 2014...

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Denis Ryan, 2012

Denis Ryan has been a member of the Baltimore-Washington Eagles since 1998, serving as a player, coach and Vice President of the club. In 2001 he joined the US national team, the USA Revolution, as an Assistant Coach and has since played an instrumental role within the USAFL, developing and implementing Coaching courses, school PE  programs and the co-ed Ausball. 

In the same year he was appointed Coaching Director of the USAFL, and traveled with the Revolution to London for the inaugural Atlantic Alliance Cup. In 2002 he stepped up as Head Coach of the Revolution team and took this...

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Rich Mann, 2012

Rich Mann was  a founding member of the Cincinnati Dockers and the USAFL. He served as a committee member and as the League’s President for 7 years. Rich also served as Australian Liaison and was on the organizing committee for the inaugural International Cup in 2002. Rich has been involved in organizing the USAFL National Tournament since 1997. He has played in numerous USAFL Premiership teams, first with the Cincinnati Dockers and more recently with the Denver Bulldogs. He has been named the National Tournament MVP twice. Rich has played over 500 games in his career and served on...

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Paul O'Keeffe, 2007

Paul ”Plugger” O’Keeffe recognized over ten years ago there was an opportunity and need to begin something great here in the US. An opportunity to introduce Americans to the national game of Australia and a need to give his fellow expatriates the chance to play that game as is it was back home in Australia. There are those that may have characterized Paul O’Keeffe as a modern day “visionary”.

While it is true O’Keeffe had a vision in the early days of the USAFL of what the league could potentially become, his most significant contribution was to allow Australian Football to evolve...

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