Kathryn Hogg

Kathryn (Kat) was born in Adelaide, Australia to non-Australian parents but grew up in the USA after living in 4 countries before the age of 7.  She was first introduced to footy when ESPN launched in 1980 and was a founding member of the Minnesota Freeze in 2004.

She was the leading driver behind the current day women's competition in the USAFL and was responsible for making the women's division a part of the USAFL Nationals.

Kat has represented the USA Freedom at all events throught the 2011 International Cup and has played more than 100 games in her footy career.  In 2014 she joined the USA National Team coaching staff as USA Liberty Forwards Coach.

Read more about her journey: http://womensfooty.com/blogs/kjh/pasture-way

YearUSAFL RolePositionResignedGrade
2012 to 2013
Member at Large
Execute Board Member
2013 to 2023
Director of IT
2005 to 2009
Women's Director
2015 to 2017
Assistant Coach (Forwards)
Positional Coach
YearUSAFL RoleAward Category
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