June 2024 Odin Mortgage Coaches Polls

Before we get into the June Polls, a bit of a disclaimer.  The timing of this poll was changed to coincide with a promotion from our sponsor, Odin Mortgage.  So while this is coming out a couple of days after the Super Regionals, all of the votes were gathered prior to the weekend.

And while we won't know how this past weekend in Ohio or next weekend in Utah will affect how the pollsters thought of the teams, we have a pretty good idea as to how they felt heading into it.

Putting together the votes as they come in is an exercise in variation.  As the numbers change and swing, you think to yourself about how wild or tepid things will be in the final analysis.  And, well, instead of a tea-kettle we got room temperature water.

That's not to say that there weren't any changes in the rankings, because even though things at the top largely remained the same, there were some rumblings down below.



With only a handful of games played on the women's side through Regionals, there wasn't much in terms of expection other than the status-quo from May.  The Magpies, however, earned some praise thanks to their victory over D.C. in Philly to slide past Austin and into 5th.  We may have some more answers next month, especially if the Iron Maidens happen to run into trouble in defense of their own regional crown.

The Crows, Roos, and 'Pies remained unbeaten through Regionals, with some of the coaches perhaps questioning if Golden Gate was perhaps better than the 'Doggies.  Denver won out, for now.  Los Angeles used their Dollar Cup win and Boston's two-and-out the Montreal tournament to move past the Dees and into 5th.  Spots 7-15 stayed the same though Houston and Philly nearly overtook D.C. and Columbus, respectively.

Nashville's sweep in the Three Rivers Cup had them swap spots with Oklahoma and into 16th.  Portland slid up a spot and into number 19, and with Oragne County following suit despite an 0-2 showing at SoCall, it was enough to squeeze out North Texas.  Five teams bubbled under the poll but keep a sharp eye out for the Virginia Lions, who are very slowly putting together a contenting side for Nationals Division 3.

We're back with another poll the week of July 14th, with Regionals coming to a close and then a few local rivalries that might move the needle.

Photo Credit: Emma Moss/New York Magpies

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