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Around the Grounds - NY, Austin Double Up, Outlaws Win Battle

On the first real big day of the 2019 season, it was good to play away from home.

The New York Magpies men and women both came away with full points, as did the Austin Crows, the Minnesota Freeze, and the San Diego Lions.  All playing in hinterlands.

Montreal Women’s Tournament
Montreal Angels 1.2.8 def by New York Magpies 7.12.54

Whats on Tap - 1 June 2019

Since the end of March, that has been a few USAFL matches here and there, with teams either shaking off the winter cold or preparing for the long seasonal journey with training matches, metro games, and the odd AFLX carnival.

This weekend, however, things kick into high gear.

Nine events across the USA -- including two up in Maple Leaf Land -- punctuate this weekend's Aussie Rules activities.  Attached to each event is the Facebook event page, which will have up-to-date information on venue, start times, and game status should there be inclement weather.

Make Way for Wasatch - The War Gulls Join the USAFL

Nestled in the mountainous ranges of the Midwest USA is the state of Utah.  Independent, beautiful, and proud, founded by pious pioneers, and home to a brilliance of difference landscapes from mountains, to desert, to the famous salt flats in the state’s west.

In 1896, Utah became the 45th state.  In 2019, it becomes home to the USAFL’s 45th club.

The league is proud to welcome the Wasatch War Gulls to the family, taking its name from the mountain range that dominates the central part of the state.  

2019 Regionals Head to Capitals

State capitals are centers of government, commerce, and law.  Some are bustling metropolises; others are quaint towns augmented by stately architecture.

This summer, three capital cities will be turned into centers of Aussie Rules football, as the 2019 USAFL Regional Championships Series brings exciting, day-long carnivals featuring the best of the game in this country.

*      EASTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Saturday, June 15 @ MAC Sports & Entertainment, Raleigh, North Carolina

Familial Culture Paces Outlaws in Opening Season

They call Arizona “the Valley of the Sun,” most likely because some days, it feels like you’re living on its surface.

It’s known for its hot, dry weather, its desert scenery, and for its booming and ever-expanding metropolis in Phoenix.

For the past two decades, however, it has been a literal and figurative hotbed of Aussie Rules football.   From the Phoenix Scorpions and Tuscon Javelinas giving way to what is now the Arizona Hawks, the game has flourished in the nation’s 48th state.

GameDay USA - NorCal, Texas Cup Wrap Up Season

After six-plus months of training, working, running, and matches, the USAFL season enters its 21st and final weekend of play.  After this, the teams await their assignments for the 2018 USAFL Nationals in Racine on October 13-14.

From regional rivalries to thrilling three-way carnivals, the last weekend of the home-and-away campaign has it all today.

Game Day, USA - June 9th

This is the eight weekend of USAFL play, and from coast to coast and all points in between, there is a heaping helping of footy available.  This week, you'll be able to click the name of most of the events below to get more information direct from the clubs via Facebook events and team pages.


Around the Grounds: Chicago Sweeps, EAFL Teams Split

MEN: 1st Chicago Swans (4-0), 2nd Minnesota Freeze (3-1), 3rd Denver Bulldogs (2-2), 4th Des Moines Roosters (1-3), Wisconsin/Minnesota-B (0-4).
WOMEN: Minnesota Lady Freeze 6.15.51 def All-Comers 1.4.10

Game Day, USA - June 2nd

We're officially into summer now that Memorial Day has come and gone, and we here at the USAFL hope it was a happy and safe one.  We're into the meat of the season now, and with regionals around the corner and local competitions into full swing, the games become more and more important long march to Nationals.  Here is a gander at what's going on around the league today:

Around The Grounds May 12-13

Maine 3.5.23 def by Boston 18.26.134

The first ever USAFL game held in the state of Maine saw the newly minted hosts (0-1) play gamely but go down to the established team from Beantown (1-0).  The Cats, augmented with players from AFL Quebec and AFL Nova Scotia, will get their chance for revenge in Boston on June 2nd.  (Report)


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