25th Anniversary Club Heritage Teams

At its very core the USAFL is a club-based organization and the clubs are the lifeblood of the league. We wanted a special way to celebrate the Leagues 25th Anniversary by recognizing those at the Club level that have made a special contribution.

We asked every club to nominate a Club Heritage Member who epitomizes the spirit of their club. Someone that has been instrumental in making your club what it is today. If the club has a men’s and women’s side your club has selected two Heritage members, one representing each team.

Want an amazing group of people who have put so much time and effort into their clubs.

Congratulations goes to:

Arizona: John ‘Pops’ Meier

Atlanta: Wayne Krazka

Austin: Matt King

Baltimore: Ian Payne

Baton Rouge: Robert Montanaro

Chicago: Frank Bradley

Cincinnati: Kyle Strenski

Dallas: Jack O’Dell DC: Judith Stein, Jay Levesque

Denver: Paul Renouf, Anna Thexton

Des Moines: Tyler Kamerman, Emily Rice

Ft Lauderdale: Cameron Pinnock

Freedom: Drea Casillas

Golden Gate: Leigh Barnes, Jess Estrada, Millie Bruce

Houston: Dan Holwerda, Sonia Lovel

Las Vegas: Brett Anderson

LA: John Fragomeni, Aileen Yoon

Milwaukee: Al Boake, Nancy Vrabec

Minnesota: Brent Mergen, Rae Hale

Nashville: Evan Ling

New York: Ojas Desai, Drea Casillas

North Star: Brianne Theisen

North Texas: Peter Wood

Oklahoma: Dustin Brasel

Orange County: Adam Shanks, Aileen Yoon

Philadelphia: Pat White, Erica Sacci

Portland: Martin Coventry, Simone Shepherd

Revolution: Steve Budrick

Sacramento: Vicky Schoennaegel

Seattle: Valerie Barber-Axthelm

St Louis: Rich Lozano

Umpires Association: Lisa Albergo, Alex Benjamin

Virginia: Darren Green

Wisconsin: Nafla Poff

Women’s Association: Kat Hogg

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