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Jun 12, 2000

Junior Clinic in Atlanta

Jason Lehmann recently conducted a junior coaching clinic at Milford School. If you're interested in conducting a similar clinic Jason can give you some tips; he can be contacted at the Atlanta Footy Club. Attached photos - image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4

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Jun 12, 2000

Training Drills

You can get 10 different training drills to fire up your training sessions here

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Jun 8, 2000

Aussie Rules Article in Chicago Tribune

You can check out the article from the Chicago Tribune here.

- - Rick Martinez -

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Jun 4, 2000

2000 US National Team

Congratulations to all players selected for the 2000 American Revolution!

The selection process has been difficult. We had over 60 players who
registered and with involvement from selectors throughout the country we
have narrowed the list down to 25 (plus alternates). It is a credit to the
growth of the sport that selection was such a difficult process due to so many
players deserving of selection. It bodes well for the future.

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Jun 2, 2000

USAFL demographics

The USAFL membership represents a valuable demograhic to sponsors.
Generally, the 20-35 year old Male group is hard to reach. The USAFL gives
direct access to this group, which includes a high percent of well
compensated professionals, which makes the USAFL membership an even more
desirable group.

If you are interested in finding out more about the USAFL and sponosrship
opportuities please email

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Jun 1, 2000

Updated 2000 Vision

You can take a look at our updated vision for the year 2000 here, which includes a snapshot of where we are at the moment and where we aim to be in the future.

- Rich Mann, USAFL President

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May 29, 2000

Worldcup 2002 Response

USAFL Has posted their feedback to the draft regulations of the 2002 Worldcup here in Microsoft Word format.

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May 28, 2000

Memorial Day tourny

You can take a look at the writeup from the Memorial Day tournament hosted by the Denver Bulldogs here. There are also a number of photos posted on their website at

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May 16, 2000

UNC club perfects sport from 'Down Under'

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- - Will Small -

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May 12, 2000

USFooty forums

We've added new forums to the website which require you to create a user and login. Click on the Chat icon up above to start posting!

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May 5, 2000

Worldcup 2002 Update

A preliminary 2002 Australian Football World Cup website is now online at

Included are the draft Regulations for the World Cup, based on feedback
received by our member nations.

Please note that they are draft Regulations, as was the Discussion Paper.
Despite this we received quite a few heated emails, especially in relation
to the rules relating to player eligibility.

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May 3, 2000

Anzac Tournament Results

Wow! What a fantastic weekend of football! It was a feast of honorable
competition and aggressive battles that did the ANZAC legacy proud.
Seven teams fronted for the 2000 ANZAC Cup on April 29th and 30th - Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, San
Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Santa Cruz.

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Apr 20, 2000

Club Reports

All of the Club Reports from the 1st Quarter have been collated. You can download the zip file from the News Section under reports.

- Matthew Muller

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Apr 15, 2000

Presidents 1st Qtr Report

Rich Mann - President USAFL
Rich Mann - USAFL President

G'Day Footy followers everywhere,

The first quarter of 2000 has seen the USAFL move forward in leaps and bounds, continuing our tremendous growth in just over three years of existence.

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Apr 14, 2000

Dockers vs. Swans Pre-Game Report

The Cincinnati Dockers will host the Chicago Swans Saturday, April 15th for
the 2000 season opener. This will be the first match of the 2000 season for
both clubs. The game is scheduled to ball up at 2pm


The Cincinnati Dockers finished three spots higher than the Swans in last
year's United States Australian Football League (USAFL)National Tournament.
The Dockers finished 5th while the Swanies finished 8th but, the Swans did
have the better series record defeating the Dockers two games to one in 1999.

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