2002 AZAFL Invitational

The Arizona Australian Football League and Phoenix Scorpions are making preparations for the first annual AZAFL Invitational MetroFooty Tournament and Golf Tournament to be held in Tempe, Arizona on February 1, 2002 through February 3, 2002.

As an incentive to bring as many participants to the tournament a modified scramble golf tournament will take place on Friday, February 1st at a course near the football grounds. The costs per person for the golf tournament are still under negotiation, however the AZAFL Board of Directors are working to keep these costs as low as possible. There would be no cost to enter the MetroFooty tournament.

We do realize that many clubs will not be able to field an full team and many clubs could have more that enough to field 2 full teams because of the reduced number of players per side. The AZAFL has considered a number of options to maximize participation in the tournament. For teams who are unable to field enough players, the option of participants going into a player pool from which they will be randomly selected for a team. Each club would be asked to bring enough jumpers for a full squad regardless of the numbers they had attending. Clubs with enough players to fill more than one team could have the option of fielding two teams or individual players could opt to go into the player pool.

The original concept of the player pool was to give players the opportunity to play alongside someone they may not have met or have only known as an opponent, promoting the Australian football tradition of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The AZAFL Board of Directors plans to have more information concerning the golf and football tournament very soon. What we ask now is that each club poll their players and other interested parties on the level of interest in attending such an event. We are hoping to have information regarding the golf tournament toward the end of July based upon the initial response from your clubs.

Please direct any comments, inquiries and participation numbers to info@azafl.com


John "Pops" Meier
Arizona Australian Football League
(602) 439-9375


- John Meier

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