We typically have games on Sunday but this weekend our game was on Saturday night at 5:45 against Palm Beach. We played at their field which is located on the Gold Coast. By 5:45 it is dark here so it was another game under the lights. I have never played under the lights and now two games under the lights. It is a unique experience to play under the lights and I have grown to enjoy it!

The team played in honor of Kate Clarkson “Clarky”. This game was her final game as she heads off to a new chapter in her life. Clarky is headed to Canberra, she will be pursuing her career in the Australian Army. Clarky is an extraordinary person. I have had the opportunity to spend some time with her over the month that I have been here and her support on and off the field is one of her greatest assets. She is a fellow teacher and is now pursuing a dream. I feel proud to have had the opportunity to play on the field with Clarky. Clarky started our game off with an inspirational rally to go out there and do our best. The team responded with a great victory and a game to be proud of. Yeronga won 67 to 6 and Clarky was carried off the field in style on the shoulders of fellow team members Lutz and Banks! I hope to stay in touch with Clarky as she follows her heart.

Thanks Clarky! You have given me some wonderful memories!

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