Maine Cats vs Quebec Saints

Sep 01, 2018 - 04:00pm US/Eastern
Burlington, VT
Maine Cats
  Quebec Saints
1.2.8 7.5.47
Maine Cats1.2.8
Quebec Saints7.5.47
Quebec Saints
Simon Chamberland
Corey Crawford
Eliot Kempster
Phillip Manassa
Arthur Marchal
James McDonald
Bogdan Rotaru
Daniel Scott
Aaron Stone
Morgan Whyte
George Bakas
Yacine Baouche
Olivier Bernard
Greg Bridges
Lawrence Morse
Pierre Antoine Vidal


Quebec Saints vs Boston Demons

Jun 09, 2018 - 10:47am US/Eastern
AFL Quebec Exhibition Match
7212 rue Marie Victorin
Montreal, QC H1G2J6
Quebec Saints
  Boston Demons
18.14.122 1.3.9
Quebec Saints18.14.122
Boston Demons1.3.9
Quebec Saints
51Gregory Caza
25Corey Crawford
52Richard Edwards
39Patrick Eefting
26Florent Gineste
9Evan Riddle
4Ronan Shaughnessy
20Aaron Stone
8Brett Whyborn
49Olivier Bernard
45Benjamin Bradley
48Zachery Brandstater
22Eric Chemin
1Emile Cogne
50Jeremy Coutellec
46Clement Garate
23Eliot Kempster
17Chris Robinson
29Samuel Saint-Laurent
53Daniel Scott
26Ali Telya
29Florian Tronche
39Pierre Antoine Vidal


The 2017 Arctic Cup (or How We Became Vikings in 72 Hours)

"Who thought footy would bring me to f***ing Iceland?" says a chilly Ross Levesque, bitterly surveying his drenched apparel against a backdrop of rugged rocky terrain and steep dark hills rising in the distance.

But it wasn't strictly footy that brought him to Iceland - rather, his brother Jay, whom Ross introduced to footy in 2003 and who is now a USA Revolution veteran, was the larger factor for Ross' short trip. The two faced off in the Arctic Cup, with Ross playing for a combination Swedish/Icelandic team and Jay for the Baltimore Washington Eagles.

Blackchrome Sportswear Employment Opportunity

Blackchrome Sportswear is an Australian company that has been manufacturing sports clothing for sporting teams predominantly in Australia but also globally on a smaller scale for 11 years. With Offices in Adelaide and Melbourne, Blackchrome is wanting to venture into the United States market.

With a passion for Australian Rules Football, Blackchrome Sportswear partnering with the USAFL is offering to one lucky person an opportunity to be involved in a career in sales and marketing. 

Jackaroos Repel Canadian Invasion

Last Saturday, May 10, 2014, the Columbus Jackaroos welcomed the Toronto Central Blues to town for an early-season friendly match.  The two clubs are quickly developing a great relationship both on and off the field.  On the pitch, the Blues brought a far stronger team than they did in 2013 and showed from the first bounce that they were a very skilled team.  The Blues were effectively marking in space and showing that their understanding of how to move around a pack is still ahead of the Jackaroos.  However, the Jackaroos’ hard-hitting style of play and developed handballing/shepherding/co