The Freedom Prepare for Australia

USA Freedom

The USA Freedom are preparing for their first ever AFL International Cup tour to Australia later this year. “I’m extremely excited to be coaching the Freedom at their first big international tournament” said Coach, Leigh Barnes, “this is going to be a fantastic experience for both the players and coaching staff and the event will mark a significant achievement in the history of women’s footy in the U.S.”.

Barnes recently appointed a number of key individuals to the Freedom coaching staff to assist in the preparation of the team for the International Cup. “I am also pleased to announce the appointment of the leadership group who I think will really help make this campaign a success” he continued.

Former Victorian Women’s Football League (VWFL) player and fellow San Francisco Bay area local Milli Bruce has taken on the role of Assistant Coach. Milli has played over 60 games of football in the VWFL since 2005 and during 2010 moved to the US to pursue her career in orthotics and prosthetics. Milli competed at her first USAFL Nationals in 2010 with the Sacramento Screamers.

Amy Bishop, of Sacramento, will come on board as Team Manager for the Freedom. Amy has been involved in footy in the U.S. since 2005, playing for a different team at each of the last six USAFL Nationals and also played for the Freedom during 2010 at the 49th Parallel Cup. In 2009 Amy co-founded the Sacramento Australian Football Club.

Andrea Casillas, of New York, will assist the coaching staff as the USAFL Liaison. Andrea has been managing the women’s program for the USAFL since the beginning of 2010 and has been playing footy in the U.S. since 2005, firstly with the Arizona Lady Hawks and later founding the New York Magpies women’s team. Andrea also toured to Australia with the Freedom in 2009 and the 49th Parallel Cup in 2010. She has played 6 games for the Freedom.

Kathryn Hogg, of Minneapolis, rounds out the leadership group as Advisor. Kathryn played an integral part in laying the foundations for women’s footy in the U.S. Kathryn has been playing footy since 2003, founded the Minnesota Freeze men’s and women’s teams, and served on the USAFL board for 5 years as the women’s director. Kathryn has played in every Freedom match: Vancouver in 2007; the 2009 Australian tour; and the 2010 49th Parallel Cup in Toronto. She has played 8 games for the Freedom and 69 games in total.

In preparation and to assist in finalizing the team for the 2011 International Cup, the Freedom and the men's Revolution team will be holding a training camp in Austin, Texas February 25-27. Players who wish to be considered for the team are encouraged to attend, however those who can not make it will not necessarily miss out on a spot. Those attending should plan on arriving early evening on Friday to Austin and depart after 1pm on Sunday. Freedom players who plan to attend should contact Amy Bishop directly at or (916) 538-2132 for full details.

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