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2010 49th Parallel Cup

2009 49th Parallel Cup
Toronto, ON

American Revolution v Canadian Northwind

July 31 2010, the American Revolution are scheduled to play the Canadian Northwind in Toronto, Canada, in the annual 49th Parallel Cup game. In 2009 the Revolution were victorious by 50 points and they will be looking to back this result up with gusto. A full day of Australian Football is planned for Toronto with the Boston Demons travelling up to play the Ontario Awfuls and the women's national team, the American Freedom, will be taking on the Canadian Northern Lights. For the first time the Revolution will also be taking a team of Under 23 players to battle the Canadian Under 23 team. This is a fantastic initiative that is certainly a positive step for Australian Football in North America.

US Freedom v Canadian Northern Lights

The US Freedom and Canada Northern Lights will be meeting for the first time since the first women's international match in 2007. The players know each other well and have played against each other for their club teams at the USAFL nationals. In 2010, the teams will once again play on Canadian soil but this time in Toronto instead of Vancouver. Canadian coach Jake Anson announced 2010 Canadian Northern Lights squad at the 2009 USAFL National Champions. His US counterpart, Wayne Kraska, has taken a different approach. He announced the US Freedom Training Academy from which a final team selection will be made in early summer of 2010.


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