Aug 13, 2005

2005 International Cup

The Revolution defeated Ireland in a play off for 3rd place after they finished 4th in round play with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. James Brunmeier of the Milwaukee Bombers and Donnie Lucero of the Orange County Bombers were selected in the 2005 International Team.

Placing Country
1st New Zealand
2nd Papua New Guinea
3rd USA
4th Ireland
5th Samoa
6th Great Britain
7th Canada
8th South Africa
9th Japan
10th Spain

In the final for the International Cup New Zealand defeated Papua New Guinea 7.8.50 to 5.2.32.

Coaching staff for 2005 International Cup:

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Aug 12, 2005

Huge Honor for James Brunmeier & Donnie Lucero

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Aug 10, 2005

Luck of the Irish to the Revo's

The anticipation for this match-up had been building for three years. At the 2002 International Cup Ireland was able to hold off the strong finish of the Revolution at Skilled Stadium in Geelong. When the draw for the 2005 version of the Cup was published this was the game that the USA circled first.

At breakfast the Revo players were quiet and reserved; not in fear of Ireland but with intense focus on the task ahead. Coach Alan Nugent had given the boys their instructions; narrowed down to five team rules for this game.

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Aug 8, 2005

Magpie gets a game in Australia

From the Avoca FNC web site:

The Avoca FNC will be represented by our second visitor from the USA Aussie Rules based team, the New York Magpies.

Tom Thompson will be visiting the club for training on Thursday night and will also be pulling on the boots for the Reserves team on Saturday against Dunolly.

Tom is currently visiting Australia to support the USA International Team in the Aussie Rules International Cup that is being played in Melbourne from August 3rd to the 13th.

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Aug 4, 2005

AFL coverage of the International Cup

The International Cup continues to get great coverage in Australia. To read the AFL's latest article go to

- Office Manager

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Aug 4, 2005

Nationals Sponsorship Announced

The USAFL is pleased to announce the selection of Northwest/KLM/Continental as
the preferred airline of the USAFL National Championships.  All attendees and
guests of the USAFL National Championships that travel using either of these
airlines will receive an additional 5 to 15 percent off published fares - the
sooner you book your flights, the greater the discount.  Follow the procedures
listed below to receive the discount and support the sponsor of the 2005 USAFL
National Championships.

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Aug 3, 2005

Job Vacancy - Online Editor/Producer

Online Editor/Producer
Position:   Advance Online Editor/Producer
Location:  New York, NY
Salary:       Negotiable depending on candidate background and experience.
Hours:       Full-time position or 4 days per week. (Negotiable).

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Aug 1, 2005

Photos from the International Cup

- Robbie Oliver

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Jul 29, 2005

Melbourne's Herald Sun report on the Revolution

THOSE expecting a bunch of expatriate Aussies who still mistakenly believe they are undiscovered James Hirds will be disappointed when the International Cup begins on August 3.

First held in Melbourne in 2002, the tournament pits 11 nations against each other over 10 days of Australian football competition.

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Jul 28, 2005

Western Regionals

The Orange County Bombers are pleased to announce the venue for the 2nd Western Regional Championships will be the University of California – Riverside (UCR) to be held on September 10, 2005.

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Jul 28, 2005

It can be dangerous wearing a Bomber's shirt..

Why this Bomber was grounded
Essendon may see no reason to change its nickname from the Bombers in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks in London (as we reported yesterday) but that doesn't mean everyone, especially those overseas, share their viewpoint.

We say that in the wake of this incredible incident that took place in America recently when the Bomber logo got a traveller into big strife in New York.

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Jul 27, 2005

Good luck to our Revolution Players!

All the hard work, training and planning is reaching a climax as our Revolution players prepare to fly out to the International Cup in Melbourne on Thursday, July 28.

Good luck to you all as you embark on this exciting adventure - we know you will do yourselves proud as you strive to 'Bring the Cup Home'.  Many thanks too, to our Revolution Coach, Alan Nugent and Team Manager, Greg Narleski for all their hard work in preparing for this event.

We will, of course, be having regular updates of game results on the USFooty website.

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Jul 20, 2005

International Cup has been Launched!

Kevin Sheedy was the special guest at the photo launch for the International Cup at Windy
Hill, Essendon's home training ground.

- Office Manager

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Jul 13, 2005

Baton Rouge Hit the Headlines

Clinic held on game 'footy' BR Tigers promotes awareness of Aussie-rules football

Special to The Advocate

Members of the Baton Rouge Tigers held a free Australian-rules football clinic Saturday at BREC's Burbank Soccer Complex to promote public awareness of the fast-paced sport. Players provided instruction and hands-on training to attendees in an effort to inform the community about the game.

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