It can be dangerous wearing a Bomber's shirt..

Why this Bomber was grounded
Essendon may see no reason to change its nickname from the Bombers in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks in London (as we reported yesterday) but that doesn't mean everyone, especially those overseas, share their viewpoint.

We say that in the wake of this incredible incident that took place in America recently when the Bomber logo got a traveller into big strife in New York.

Rob Parry, who is involved with the Milwaukee Bombers Aussie rules club which is associated with Essendon and is authorised to use the same logo, told us yesterday of how one of his employees, Steve "Rock" Smith, a US national but a diehard Aussie rules convert, was returning from a work assignment but made the mistake of wearing his team's "travel" shirt on his return through LaGuardia Airport.

Said Parry: "Rock made it as far as the security officers manning the passenger-screening machines before one overzealous officer actually read the bold lettering on the shirt and promptly hauled him out of the passenger line and into the security holding pen for what turned out to be fairly unfriendly questioning and examination."

According to Parry, after a two-hour delay and a missed flight, Smith was released from detention with a severe warning and a comment from the officer that "we don't find that type of reference to Bombers amusing in New York, so don't wear that shirt here again".

Coincidentally five members of the Milwaukee Bombers, but not Smith, have been included in the United States team to compete in the International Cup in Melbourne next week. If they decide to bring their Bombers shirts with them, let's hope they keep them hidden away until they are safely in Australia.

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