Due to the withdrawal of Denmark from the International Cup, the previously published draw had to be revised. Following is the final draw:

Round 1
Wednesday, 3rd August           Murphy Reserve Port Melbourne
Pool A       T. M. Woodruff Oval
Spain vs Japan                  10.00am
Ireland vs Nauru                   1.00pm
USA vs South Africa           2.45pm
Opening Ceremony 12.00noon
Pool B      A.T. Aanenson Oval
Samoa vs PNG                    1.00pm
Great Britain vs NZ               2.45pm
Canada Bye  

Round 2
Friday, 5th August                    Murphy Reserve Port Melbourne 
Pool A      A. T. Aanenson Oval
Nauru vs Spain                    10.00am
USA vs Ireland                   11.45am
Japan vs South Africa            1.30pm
Pool B      T. M. Woodruff Oval
Canada vs PNG                    11.00am
Great Britain vs Samoa           2.30pm
New Zealand Bye  

Round 3
Sunday, 7th August
Pool A                                       Teac Oval

South Africa vs Ireland           10.00am
Spain vs USA                         1.45am
Nauru vs Japan                       1.30pm
Pool B                                       Optus Oval
New Zealand vs Canada         11.45am
PNG vs Great Britain               1.30pm
Samoa Bye     

Round 4
Tuesday, 9th August                Wangaratta
Pool A                          City Oval
Ireland vs Japan                     11.15am
USA vs Nauru                       1.00pm
South Africa vs Spain              2.45pm
Pool B                      Showgrounds
Canada vs Great Britain         12.15pm
Samoa vs New Zealand           3.15pm 

Round 5
Thursday, 11th August                Murphy Reserve Port Melbourne
Pool A                T. M. Woodruff Oval
Nauru vs South Africa           10.00am
Japan vs USA                      11.45am
Ireland vs Spain                     1.30pm
Pool B             A. T. Aaenenson Oval
Canada vs Samoa                11.00am
PNG vs New Zealand              2.30pm
Great Britain Bye

Cross overs
Saturday 13th August
Teac Oval
5th Pool A vs 5th Pool B for 9th  11.00am
4th Pool A vs 4th Pool B for 7th  12.45pm
Optus Oval
3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B for 5th   11.00am
2nd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B for 3rd  12.45pm

Grand Final
Saturday 13th August
1st Pool A vs 1st Pool B          4.30pm

- Office Manager

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