Jun 2, 2001

Burley Footballs

By SHAUN PHILLIPS, - sports affairs reporter - Herald Sun

Victorian icon Sherrin is under siege from a Western Australian interloper intent on torpedoing the balls premier position in the football world.

Outbid by Sherrin for exclusive AFL rights, the maker of the Burley football is now making huge inroads in the bush and suburbs.

Burley believes it can erode Sherrins position in Victoria and eventually take over as the AFLs official ball.

At elite level, Western Bulldogs stars Paul Hudson and Tony Liberatore have given the ball the thumbs up.

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Apr 30, 2001

Illawarra Mercury

The following article appeared in the Weekender Edition of the Illawarra Mercury newspaper on Saturday, April 28, 2001.

Aussie Footy Legacy

GLEN HUMPHRIES ( reports on how the Americans are getting a taste for the game where the big men fly.

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Apr 22, 2001

Administrators Conference

The Club Administrators conference held over Easter was a huge success with everyone learning a lot. Here's some of the feeback:

On behalf of the Nashville Kangaroos Football Club, I would like to formally thank and congratulate you all on an incredibly successful weekend. The conference provided a fantastic forum for clubs to come together and share ideas on how to grow and manage this sport that we all love.

As a club we were proud to participate in such a professional and well organized event and extend our congratulations to you all on a job well done.

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Apr 20, 2001

Tipping Comp is here

The tipping comp is back again this year. click here to signup now! It's free! (usually $5)

- webmaster

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Apr 14, 2001 article

Click here for a great article on website about international football.

- - webmaster -

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Mar 15, 2001

Telegroup News

Since the inception of the hugely successful Telegroup phone sponsorship
deal, the USAFL has generated $1,700 in commissions for its member clubs.
Thanks must go to Andre Rosenburg of Telegroup for starting and running the
program, Cameron Murray, USAFL Treasurer, for keeping track of the funds and
Matthew Muller, National Webmaster, for setting up the infrastructure
through for this program to take place.

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Mar 14, 2001

2001 AFL Umpire & Coach Clinic

URGENT: Space is limited for the Eastern/Central Coaches and Umpiring clinic - click here to get your invitation now! - space is limited.

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Mar 14, 2001

USAFL March Newsletter

Find out all the current happenings in the USAFL by taking a look at the March 2001 newsletter by clicking here

- Sheri Archer - Secretary

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Mar 14, 2001

2001 Junior Development

Find out all about juniors in 2001 by reading the 2001 Junior Development Plan by clicking here .

- Greg Everett

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Mar 1, 2001

San Antonio Football Club


The San Antonio Football Club has announced a new team name for 2001.
The club, which had been operating as the SAFC, is now known as the San Antonio Diablos. In
addition, the Diablos (Spanish for demon/devil) also unveiled their imposing new logo.

Designed by the San Antonio graphic design firm, Clockwork Design, the logo features a fear-some
looking demon clutching a football. The bold icon is accented with a unique team color
scheme, incorporating: dark purple, maroon, red, and orange.

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Mar 1, 2001

Lehigh Valley Junior Rovers

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Feb 26, 2001

The Don

The USAFL tips it hat to the greatest sportsperson Australia has ever (and
will ever) produced who died of a long illness on Sunday morning (Australian
time) at the age of 92. The Don is arguably the greatest Australian who has
ever lived due to his character, not just his sporting prowess.

- Paul O'Keeffe

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Feb 22, 2001

Dustin Jones LiveChat

BomberBlitz will be interviewing US Player Dustin Jones who is currently training with Essendon in Australia. The interview/live chat session will be taking place at 8:30pm, Tuesday February 27th AEST, which works out to be 1:30am PST and 4:30am EST on Tuesday. Click Here for more information on the BomberBlitz site.

- webmaster

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Feb 21, 2001

February Minutes

Minutes from the February Committee meeting are up in the news section.

- webmaster

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Feb 15, 2001

Juniors Match Report

At lunch time on Monday February 12th the 1st graders of Vista Grande Elementary School in
Alamo California played Northern California's first Footy match of the
new millenium. A very eager crew of 10 Demons and 10 Hawks took to the
ground wearing their brand new Sekem jerseys and kicking their custom
printed "Revolution" Burley footy.

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