USAFL Regionals Recap & All-Regionals Teams

The summer of 2023 is rapidly coming towards its zenith.  And as tangy air and somewhat cooler temperatures descend upon most of the country, so too will the rush towards Nationals.

But before that happens, and as the zing of the Parallel Cup wears off, we want to look back at this year’s edition of the USAFL’s traveling summer road show – the Regionals Championship Series.

2022 Regionals Recap & All-Regionals Team

Summer.  Hot weather, barbecues, sunnies, and a blank canvas to paint adventure.

A perfect setting for the return of a yearly tradition – the USAFL Regional Championship Series.

After missing out in 2020 for that big ol’ pandemic, and seeing the Summer Series spread across six cities a season ago, the classic traveling road show returned with tournaments held in each of the league’s three regions.  

Kick Around and Find Out - Previewing the Eastern Regionals

Philadelphia is a city that was born from hard work.

It loves its industry.  It loves its sweat and its meddle.  We embrace winners, but if you give your all, we applaud you even if you don’t get the job done.  Aaron Rowand played just two seasons for the Phillies but the fact that he broke his nose running into a wall in pursuit of a fly ball against the Mets means he never has to shout drinks in this town. 

Regional Championship Series Set for Grand Return

After a three-year absence, American footy’s traveling road show is back.

The USAFL Regional Championship Series makes its return starting June 4th and will be proverbially rocking the suburbs of Philadelphia, the Twin Cities, and Denver this summer.

Regionals returns to its regular format after the COVID-19-19 pandemic wiped out the entire 2020 season, and the USAFL Summer Series took place in six cities last August.

2021 USAFL Tournament & National Championships Schedule Release

The USAFL Executive Board is excited to announce that the USAFL will be hosting 6 sub-regional tournaments across the country for summer 2021.

Club input via the USAFL Club Conference in February and recent Regional calls has been critical to shaping the 2021 season. Based on this feedback and the varying circumstances across the country, the USAFL Executive Board has decided to pivot from the normal Regionals format this year to sub-regional tournaments to provide all clubs accessible USAFL tournament football ahead of 2021 Nationals.

2020 USAFL Regionals Schedule Announced

The USAFL executive board is excited to announce the schedule and venues for the 2020 USAFL Regional Championship Series.

Now in its sixth season, the Regional Championship Series has become one of the most anticipated parts of the USAFL calendar.  In addition to regional championship glory, the results of these tournaments will strongly impact seedings for the 2020 USAFL National Championships.

They’ll also be a key warm up for the men and women who will represent the USA at next summer’s AFL International Cup championships in Australia.


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