Yeronga Men’s team

On Saturday July 14, 2012 I had the opportunity to watch the Yeronga Senior men’s team play. The field was wet from the previous days of rain. The men were constantly sliding through puddles and you could tell it was tough to get your hands on the ball. In addition the ball was heavy due to being saturated by the puddles of water making long kicks nearly impossible. The Men played with heart and never let up. They came away with the win. The men came off the field worn out but satisfied by their win.

3 Games Left!

My final 3 games with Yeronga... My how the time does fly!

12:00 PM
Sun 15/Jul Yeronga Sth Brisbane vs Zillmere Eagles Kedron(Map)

10:00 AM
Sun 22/Jul Yeronga Sth Brisbane vs Griffith Moorooka Reds Leyshon Park Yeronga (Map)

12:00 PM
Sun 29/Jul Logan Cobras vs Yeronga Sth Brisbane Tansey Park (Map)

Under 16 Championships Underway

US youngsters, Nolan Ellis of Denver and Brendon Heicklen of LA are about to take on Australia's best this Saturday, July 7 in Sydney, Australia as part of the World XVIII Team. Photo to the left is of the team at Coogee Beach, Sydney during a recovery session.

World Footy News reported on the team earlier today:

Rain and train!

Over the past week we experienced a great deal of rain causing the grounds to be very soggy. Tuesday’s training was cancelled and as the rain continued it looked like we may not be able to train Thursday as well. The rain began to clear Thursday but with all the rain the fields were closed so that they would not get torn up by trainings. Kate Clarkson one of my teammates connected us with an indoor facility and trainer that came to do some fitness training with us.

5 Year Strategic Plan Released

The USAFL and AFL have announced a five-year strategic development plan for the league. The plan is derived from international affiliate reporting standards while adapting to regional goals. League President, Andy Vanica, states “This is a big step forward for the league to focus on long-term growth with an operational plan for future boards to follow. Our time with Tony Woods during his recent visit was valuable and I thank the AFL for putting their faith in the USAFL.” 

The Ball!

What an awesome event! To see everyone dolled up and mingling was beautiful. The mid season ball was an event put on by the Yeronga Club as a fund raiser and community event. It gave me a chance to meet people in the club beyond the ladies team. I met Sam Corless president of the club and friend to my coach Leigh Barnsey back home. It was a pleasure to connect with him and thank him for assisting in making this trip happen. I also had the chance to visit with Tami Dunn the team physical trainer whom I had been in contact with for some time prior to my arrival.

Game time!

Friday June 22 at 7:30pm we had a game. It was a beautiful night. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The excitement was thick in the air. Playing under the lights was a unique experience for me. It was gorgeous! Yeronga showed once again what a power house they are. The final score was 114 to 13. Despite the score the opposition put up a good fight forcing Yeronga to stay focused and strong.

Morningside Forfeits

Sunday’s game was cancelled due to Morningside forfeiting. The team was unable to field a team and therefore had to forfeit. My teammate Kate Lutkins and I decided we still wanted to get a workout for the day. We headed down to the Brisbane River and did a nice 5k run following the river and crossing over two bridges making a nice circuit.

MHz Networks Launch AFL Channel on Roku

MHz Networks announced today that they have launched an AFL channel on Roku.

"MHz Networks is elated to join forces with the USAFL in promotion of Aussie Rules in the U.S.  After nearly 20 years of supporting and broadcasting the sport nationwide, as well as working with the Baltimore-Washington Eagles in our local TV viewing area (Washington, DC Metro), it seems fitting to expand our involvement even further.  We congratulate the USAFL in all of the outreach they have done for the promotion of the sport in the U.S." - Stephanie Misar, Marketing Director, MHz Networks

Two US Representatives Selected for World XVIII Team


The USAFL is pleased to announce that two players have been selected to the AFL’s World XVIII team that will compete in the NAB AFL U16 National Championships which will be held in Sydney, Australia July 7 - 14.  Nolan Ellis, of Denver and Brandon Heicklen, of Los Angeles will be competing on a team made up of some of the best young talent from around the world against some of the top talent from across Australia.  This opportunity has been several years in the making for both athletes.


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