Farewell! Thank You!

It is time for me to leave my Yeronga family. Sunday was my final game and holding true to the trend Yeronga once again came out victorious. I was given the opportunity to play the entire game in the back line moving from half back pocket to fullback. I was told I had a “blinder” of a game, Aussie talk for amazing. In most of the games during the season I had not seen much action in the backline but the Logan girls came to play and with many of our top players out due to injury the game proved to be decently competitive. I was quite satisfied with my performance and hope that it will carry me well in the upcoming tournament in Ohio, USA vs Canada.

It only seemed appropriate that we play Logan for my final game. This was the team we first played when I arrived. In fact it was the team I played with because they were short players. I got to see some of the same girls again and come full circle. It was a nice conclusion to an amazing season for me in Brisbane. The Yeronga girls took me off the field on their shoulders and showed me a warm farewell. I will miss them all tremendously! Friday night before the game those that could came and joined me for a final diner… thank you Nic for setting it all up.

I am sad to leave Yeronga and the amazing club all of the members have shown such generosity and kindness. I hope that there will be some girls that find their way to the states to see what our league is like. The Yeronga Coaches and I have talked about setting up a tour for them to come and run some trainings in the US. I will spend time on making this a reality over the next year. Thank you everyone for making this adventure a reality and a success!

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