Tennis or Training!

We arrived to training on Tuesday to see a pile of tennis balls. Was this Footy training or Tennis training? Curious I thought. After warming up Head Coach Jake Simmons-Bliss had us pair up and grab a tennis ball. We used the tennis balls to help improve our eye-hand coordination with the ball. We need to be precise and build our skills. This is an exercise I am sure to bring back to the states and use. Jake informed me he has tons of unique training exercises up his sleeve.

The Yeronga Devils have an amazing coaching team; beginning with head Coach, Jake Simmons-Bliss, Now don’t be fooled by his youthful appearance he is 19 years old. I have been greatly impressed by Jake. Jake is a certified coach and assists with the Brisbane Lions. I am hoping to get Jake to visit us in the US for some training camps this next year.

We also have an assistant coach Fred (Last name unknown). Together this team of minds is unstoppable. They have created a girls team that remains undefeated for the season. The team is strong! One can only realize that the leadership of Jake and Fred are nothing less than amazing.

Rounding out the leadership team is Capitan Kate Lutkins an amazing athlete in her own right she has shown me how welcoming this club is. Kate has opened her house to me, providing me a place to live while I’m here. She has become a great friend and is always approachable and willing to listen. Her leadership of the team and friendliness on and off the field is contagious. I hope that she will make an appearance in the states and perhaps play for the Denver Bulldogs at some time.

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