Rain and train!

Over the past week we experienced a great deal of rain causing the grounds to be very soggy. Tuesday’s training was cancelled and as the rain continued it looked like we may not be able to train Thursday as well. The rain began to clear Thursday but with all the rain the fields were closed so that they would not get torn up by trainings. Kate Clarkson one of my teammates connected us with an indoor facility and trainer that came to do some fitness training with us. The trainer, Andy, put us through a circuit of exercises that included caring large jugs of water, lunges, squats, weights, an intense abs workout and more. We were whipped into shape and now a few days later I can still feel the soreness. It was an amazing training and I hope that I can remember some of the exercises to do in the future.

Sunday we did not have a game it was another bye. We will play next Saturday on the Gold Coast. It will be a grand adventure. Luckily with Sunday off I was able to attend the AFL game of Brisbane Lions vs Melbourne. The Lions won the game easily and it was great to see the Gabba stadium. I watched the teams warm up and after the game went on the field and was amused to watch all the families bringing a footy and playing on the grounds. I wish that was a tradition for Americans.

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