Game time!

Friday June 22 at 7:30pm we had a game. It was a beautiful night. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The excitement was thick in the air. Playing under the lights was a unique experience for me. It was gorgeous! Yeronga showed once again what a power house they are. The final score was 114 to 13. Despite the score the opposition put up a good fight forcing Yeronga to stay focused and strong.

I was given the opportunity to play for a quarter in the backline, a familiar zone for me. We did not see the ball much which is what you want. Playing with a team of such amazing skill shows me how far my Denver team and the US teams still have to grow. I hope that in the future the US and Australian teams can create more opportunities of exchange as I am doing to continue to growing the sport and sharing the knowledge and skill of the game. I am simply soaking it all in.

The Friday night game as a home game and brought out many supporters and we also had representatives from various sponsors there. I feel that they walked away very impressed with what Yeronga has created. It is clear that Yeronga is a united club with a strong support system that continues to grow.

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