The Ball!

Treats from Oz

What an awesome event! To see everyone dolled up and mingling was beautiful. The mid season ball was an event put on by the Yeronga Club as a fund raiser and community event. It gave me a chance to meet people in the club beyond the ladies team. I met Sam Corless president of the club and friend to my coach Leigh Barnsey back home. It was a pleasure to connect with him and thank him for assisting in making this trip happen. I also had the chance to visit with Tami Dunn the team physical trainer whom I had been in contact with for some time prior to my arrival. It is always nice to put a face to name.

Hosted at the Port Office in Brisbane, club members purchased a ticket to attend and were allowed unlimited bear and wine for the evening. I continued my evening with some of the ladies in the Valley a hot spot with many bars in Brisbane. I danced and danced and woke the next morning with quite sore legs.

To say the least my experience here has been unique and amazing!

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