More Tennis?

With all the rain and its’ unpredictability the coaches and captains have created some alternative training options for the team. Thursday we ran to the tennis training complex (Pat Rafter Arena) about 2 km away and used two adjoining tennis courts to run training. This is the arena where the Australian Open has been played and is a top notice tennis training facility.

We did some skills work; kicking, hand-passing, etc. We concluded the training with a fun game of elimination. One team on each side using kicks only and one defender positioned on your opposing team each time the ball drops a person is eliminated. It was a fun game and I enjoyed the unique training. Amazingly enough we did not get any complaints from other courts playing tennis. Although I am quite sure that we got plenty of weird looks. At the end of our tennis court training we ran back the 2 km to Yeronga. I was pleased with how I felt on the run. I have been running a 7 km circuit along the Brisbane River downtown and I think it is starting to show its effects.

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