Zillmere Eagles

On Sunday The Lady Yeronga Devil’s played the Zillmere Eagles, a team that we may see again in the finals. Due to some whether over the past week our training fields had been closed and we weren’t able to get as much training in. This showed on Sunday the team’s head was not entirely in the game. You could feel the lack of enthusiasm. Despite this Yeronga held out for the win. Our best quarter was the 3rd quarter where we finally started to come together. We let back on our efforts in the 4th quarter allowing some unnecessary goals and behinds through. In addition we had some people playing in positions they have not in the past. I was impressed at the versatility of the Yeronga players. It is clear that you can put any player in any position and they will know what to do.

I got to play in my favorite area for 2 full quarters, full-back, and in the final few minutes took over for the half-forward flank. It was great fun to play a new position. Above all I had fun and that is what counts. I enjoyed the game. There is so much to learn! I have two games remaining and hope to make the most of it! Yeronga continues to maintain its undefeated season. The pressure will be on in the next few weeks as finals approach. The team cannot lose focus now it is time to step it up!

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