Want to play for the Freedom?

Freedom Jumpers
2010 49th Parallel Cup

Calling all players! The USA Freedom is accepting nominations from players who wish to try out for the 2011 team which will travel to Australia to play in the first ever Women's Division of the International Cup.The Freedom Training Camp, Februaru 25-27 in Austin, Texas, will be the last opportunity for players to try out for the squad.

All players wishing to travel to Australia in August are strongly encouraged to attend the 2 day training camp. Those players who have had little or no involvement with the team up until now must be in attendance to be considered for the 2011 squad. Players who have been a part of the team in the past are strongly encouraged to attend, however if unable to make it, prior involvement may count toward your consideration. The International Cup dates are August 12-27, 2011 with the women's games likely be complete by about August 23. Please consider time needed to travel and participate.

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