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John Harrell Memorial Cup Tournament

Seneca Park
3151 Pee Wee Reese Road
Louisville, KY

Visiting Teams,

The Louisville Kings are excited to welcome you back to Louisville. We encourage you and your team to stay over for a night so that you can experience the Highland's scene as well as visit Churchill Downs for their opening night of racing after the JHMC tournament. Hotel rates are reasonable and you can probably get a great deal on websites like Priceline.

As for the tournament, a tentative schedule can be found below. We will be more than likely be playing 14s or 12s. Teams can make that decision before their match begins. Many teams will have several extra guys that may wish to join the combined/all-comers squad so that they can play on the field rather than be on the bench. There might be a few guys down from Milwaukee as well. If for some reason we do not have a combined/all-comers squad, we will have an alternate schedule. Details will be posted on our website shortly for your team's convenience at

USAFL tournament rules apply. 20 minute halves; 10 minute halftime. Teams NOT playing will assist umps on lines and goals.

Nashville is the current holder of the John Harrell Memorial Cup. A representative from Nashville is bringing the Cup back to Louisville to be presented to the 2012 JHMC Champions at Molly Malone's.

Please email me your numbers within the next week or so, including players, umps, and possible number of guys that might play on the combined/all-comers squad. Also, let me know if i have forgotten anything important.

Chicago, Columbus, Nashville, Cleveland, Ohio Valley, and Combined/All-Comers Squad

Field #1 (Soccer) Pool

Field #2 (Softball) Pool
Combined Squad
Ohio Valley

Round-Robin Schedule
12 pm
Columbus vs. Cleveland (#1)
Nashville vs. Ohio Valley (#2)

1 pm
Chicago vs. Columbus (#1)
Combined vs. Nashville (#2)

2 pm
Chicago vs. Cleveland (#1)
Combined vs. Ohio Valley (#2)

3 pm
2nd Place Teams from Pools (#1)
1st Place Teams from Pools compete for the JHMC Championship (#2)

After Parties
4:00 pm
After Party at Molly Malone's on Baxter Avenue:

Later pm
After-After Party at Churchill Downs:

Jack Jacobs
President, Louisville Kings

The event is dedicated to John Harrell, the founder of Footy in the U.S.

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