Revolution Roll Over Lions

In a remarkable and memorable day in USAFL and Revolution history the impressive Revos dominated the South African Lions 7.14 (56) to 2.6 (18) and continued their run towards a shot at their first International Cup title.  With a special visit from US Ambassador, Jeffrey Bleich in the locker rooms before the game, the Revolution came out pumped up.

The Lions pace was no match for the Revolution's structured attack.  The immense pressure applied by the Revos got in the Lions heads early.  It seemed every time the South Africans touched the ball there was a Revo close behind, making hard tackles all over the ground.  That pressure led to a turnover which resulted in the first goal by Bryan Dragus. It was Dragus first of 4 goals in his outstanding best on ground performance.

"This was a landmark win for the Revolution program and the entire USAFL. I'm extremely proud of all our players, coaches and support staff who conducted themselves brillantly in the true spirit of international competition." USAFL President, Rich Mann.

Saleh Tyebjee stood tall in the back line taking severl key marks to repel the Lions attack. Jon Loring, Andrew Werner, Paul Duncan, Brent Mergen and Brandon Blankenship rounded out a strong, shut down defensive effort that yielded a single point in each the first and fourth quarters.

Coach Matt Bishop reflected on the big win, "Defeating South Africa to make the International Cup top four is a very special achievement and is a watershed event for footy in the United States. Full credit must go to the squad who played a wonderful team game."

A joyful and proud Captain Dan Sarbacker is looking forward to the challenge ahead , "Getting to the semi-finals is a validation of how hard this team has worked and applied themselves.  Every man, up and down our roster, has proven themselves worthy of the opportunity to play at a great venue in a high profile match and I was thrilled at how we responded on the day.  I look forward to this team taking their intensity and momentum into our semi-final match with Papua New Guinea."

Goal Kickers: Bryan Dragus 4, RJ Wheelock, Steve Fashant, Andy Vanica

Best: Bryan Dragus, Saleh Tyebjee, Steve Fashant

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