Letter from the President | June 2013

The USAFL season is fully underway with USAFL games, metro-leagues, co-ed leagues, and 49th Parallel Cup preparations. We are continuing to make improvements on the League Management System (LMS) and development will be on-going. However, it is fully functioning and players can now review their participation and points earned.

2013 Freedom training camp through the eyes of the coach...

I want to start this missive the same way I will end it by thanking everyone who took the time to participate over the weekend, what a fantastic turn out. The timeline shows how impressive the group was all camp long. 50 + at Masses on Friday night for dinner, 70+ at training and the games on Saturday followed by exactly 70 at our gala dinner at the Back Forty on Saturday night. A further 65+ to training on Sunday morning with 45 on the bus joined by 5 more at the races in the afternoon.

Letter from the President | May 2013

As the season gets underway across the US, please remember to pay your USAFL dues. New this year is the League Management System (LMS), which has been created for transparency of participation during the season and determines Nationals eligibility based on the points earned for games played.

In order for points to be earned, the player must be registered and paid as a USAFL member for the season. For the points to be awarded, your club administrator must create a roster for each game and input the final score into the LMS.

A Day at the Footy Like Never Before!

As an expat there is nothing quite like a day at the footy. A chance to watch our great game, get your teeth into a pie and just soak up the embodiment of Australiana. Ah, it is good to be home – even if just for a short while. That is what I was looking forward to when I planned a trip to the AAMI Stadium in Adelaide to see Port host the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Giants. Well, this day ended up being like none other at the footy.

Letter from the President | April 2013

The things that happen that the USAFL Community might not know about but are critical...

The off-season has many tasks that occur in the background that are critical to league operations. I feel these are important to highlight as the Executive Board invests our focus on these items. Some of them may seem small, yet very important and do take time. A few of these items we are currently working on (in no particular order) include:


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