Letter from the President | May 2013

As the season gets underway across the US, please remember to pay your USAFL dues. New this year is the League Management System (LMS), which has been created for transparency of participation during the season and determines Nationals eligibility based on the points earned for games played.

In order for points to be earned, the player must be registered and paid as a USAFL member for the season. For the points to be awarded, your club administrator must create a roster for each game and input the final score into the LMS.

Besides earning your points, why are dues important? See my previous letter from last year »

The LMS is an ongoing development and is constantly being improved. If you see something that doesn’t work or a feature that you think would be beneficial, send me an email.

In short – pay your dues and pester your club administrator to update rosters and input scores. 

As always, thank you to your commitment in growing Australian football in the US. I welcome feedback, questions, or thoughts. 

Andy Vanica, President

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