Sub Regionals Teams Announced

Treats from Oz

The USAFL and its clubs are Bouncing Back in 2021.  And that means a return to America's Aussie Rules traveling roadshow.

More than 36 teams will flock to six cities across the nation over three weeks in August, taking the ovals in search of regional glory and a precious preparation ahead of the National Championships in Austin come October.

Below are the list of teams and the proposed format for each Summer Series sub-regional tournament.  Note, of course, that all of this is subject to change.  Click on that tournament's page for more information about each event.

Also, see below for information regarding individual players wishing to play in Series tournaments outside of their own region.

New Players will need to first complete a user profile at: Then follow the steps below.

Steps To Register for Regionals

1. Login to your USAFL profile and Go to:

2. Click on 'Register' for the tournament(s) you are attending. This will add the tournament(s) to your cart. NOTE: if you have not registered and paid the season registration fee yet this will automatically be added to your registration.

3. Once you have added all tournaments you'd like to register for Click 'View Cart'

4. Review the cart then Click 'Checkout'. NOTE: If you remove a tournament from your cart and return to the the status for that tournament will display as pending instead of the link to register. If you encounter this, contact us at and we'll reset your cart for you.

5. Complete Billing Information then click 'Review Order'.

6. Ensure all information is correct then click 'Submit'.

7. You will be taken to PayPal to complete payment. You can select to make payment with either a card or PayPal account.

Cincinnati, OH – August 7

Men - Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville

Format: 3 Team Round Robin

Women – Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville

Format: TBC



Sacramento, CA – August 7

Men - Arizona Hawks, Denver A, Golden Gate, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle

Format: 2 Divisions – 4 Team Round Robin in each Division, 2 x 20-minute halves

Women – Arizona Hawks, Orange County, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle

Format: 3 Team Round Robin



Madison, WI – August 14

Men – Chicago, Denver B, Des Moines, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Wisconsin, St Louis

Format: 1 Division – 2 Pools of 3, pool winners play in Grand Final, 2nd in each pool play for 3rd place, 3rd in each pool play for 5th place, 2 x 20-minute halves

Women – Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Minnesota, St Louis

Format: 2 teams, 4 x 20-minute quarters



Philadelphia, PA – August 14

Men – Baltimore, DC, New York, Philadelphia, RVA

Format: 4 Team Round Robin, 2 x 20-minute halves 

Women – Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, RVA

Format: 2 teams, 4 x 20-minute quarters




Arlington, TX – August 21

Men – Austin A, Austin B, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston, North Texas, Oklahoma

Format: 1 Division – 2 Pools of 3, pool winners play in Grand Final, 2nd in each pool play for 3rd place, 3rd in each pool play for 5th place, 2 x 20-minute halves

Women – Austin, Centennial, Dallas, Houston, North Texas

Format: 2 teams, 4 x 20-minute quarters




Savannah, GA – August 21

Men – Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Rome, Savannah, Tampa Bay

Format: 3 Team Round Robin

Women – Jacksonville, Tampa Bay

Format: TBD, based on final numbers




Player Registration

Player registration for each tournament will be via the USAFL website. All players must be registered, sign all waivers including the current COVID-19 waiver and pay the $25 USAFL registration to be eligible. Registration for each tournament will open the week of July 19 at the following rates:

Men - $25

Women - $15


**Deadline for roster completion and validation will be the Thursday prior to the Saturday tournament date.

Footy Readiness & Operations Checklist

Clubs must submit Footy Readiness and Operations Sheet to their Regional VP by the Thursday before the tournament.

Club & Individual Participation in Additional Tournaments

As per USAFL Competition Committee rules, all Clubs must play in their home Regional tournament(s) before consideration will be made to play at another tournament at the league’s discretion.

Individual Players may request to participate in another tournament however only in addition to playing their home club’s tournament. All individual requests to play in another tournament are to be made by email to your home Regional VP at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Players will be assigned to a team by the RVP’s in consultation with the Women’s Association (for women) and Tournament Director. 

Players who simply turn up on the day will not be permitted to play. - Mak Adamo - Dave Bryant - CC Sobral

Team Combinations

Team combinations will be determined in the best interests of the tournament competition and subject to the RVP and Tournament Director discretion.


USAFL has teamed up with HBC Event Services to offer discounted hotel accommodations for all tournaments. These special arrangements and discounted rates are only available via the tournament booking links found on the tournament pages on, see links above.


Contact your Regional VP or Doren James at if you need help or have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the field!

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