Revolution Beat Northwind in Mason Ohio!






On a hot muggy day at Mason Sports Complex the new faced USA Revolution defeated the Canadian Northwind team. The returning Revolution players spearheaded by Luke Nemeth lead the way; however the deciding factor was the outstanding performance by a number of rookies. The Revolution got off to a great start kicking 4.4, to 1.1 in the first quarter. They continued to lead comfortably for the rest of the day. The Revolution backline were outstanding in the second quarter, keeping the Canadian National team to just one more goal. The Revolution’s fitness, teamwork and physicality showed in the second half, as they ran out comfortable winners. The final score was 12.11(83)  Revolution and 5.3(33) Northwind.


Thanks go out to the City of Mason who hosted a superb event!



Luke Nemeth, Andy Vanica, Noor Jehangir, Wes Edwin, Dan Sarbacker and RJ Wheelock



Weelock 2, Stange 2, Hansen 2, Jehangir 2, Floyd 1, Jonhs 1, Loring 1, and Sarbacker 1



Once again a very good battle with Revolution just beating the Northwind!

1st. Revolution. 5. 4(34) - Northwind 0. 1(1)
2nd. Revolution 7. 7(49) -  Northwind 6. 1(37)
3rd. Revolution 9. 12(66) -  Northwind 9. 3(57)
Final Revoluiton 12. 16(88) - Northwind 11. 4(70)


US. Hanson 3, Kastl 2, Siegel, Floyd, Dohery, Strange, Noor, Loring, Humphries (Aus)Can. Studham (Aus) 5, Bowley 2, Fleming 2, Gregory, Parego



Thanks to Rod Apfelbeck for the great pictures of the weekend. Click here to see more!


- Rich Mann

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